I want to feel labour!

IMG_0318Since I had Molly by emergency caesarean-section back in February I have longed to feel what labour would be like.

I want to feel the pain of a contraction (although I may have during the induction but I thought it was trapped wind).

I want to know how it feels to push a baby out of me, rather than having it taken out of me.

I want to feel like I did not fail as a mother by having a section (I know this is not the case but I do feel a lesser mum).

I want to feel the joy of having my baby handed straight to me, not 45 minutes later (baby was taken away to be checked before I even got to see her, then was placed in husbands arms not mine).

I want to be the first person to hug my newborn, maybe even be the person who finds out what sex it is first.

I want to look back on the initial few minutes of my baby’s birth with joy, not with upset.

I did not realise just how much Molly’s birth has bothered me until now. I am sat writing this with tears streaming down my face.

The actual c-section was great. From arriving at the hospital to having Molly I can not complain really. We were relaxed. It was pain free. We sang to the radio as nothing happened with the induction. It was jovial, it was great!

I just feel I missed out. I missed out and you can never get those moments back. Molly was my first born I can’t have another first born.

I don’t think I saw Molly until she was in her nappy. She was wrapped up and over by my husband who got the first hugs from her family. I went through nine months of pregnancy and didn’t get the first hugs!!! I just got to crane my neck and look at one side of her face. She was then taken from my husband and placed in a cot. A cot!!! When her mum was right there wanting a hug she was placed in a cot. I didn’t even know where they had put her and stared at the ceiling until one nurse pointed out she was over at the other side of the room. I could hardly see her.

Finally as we were wheeled out of the operating theatre she was placed beside me on my bed. I got my baby at last.

Cosatto Giggle Pixelate – you can’t be shy!


Having a quiet walk with just me and my baby is a thing of the past thanks to the Cosatto Giggle Pixelate because you just can’t walk far without someone stopping to compliment you on your choice of pram.

“What a lovely pram”, “Much better than all the black prams you see”, “What a happy baby – and who wouldn’t be happy when sat in that pram”, is just some of the comments we were given whilst out for a quick trip in our local shopping centre, and those are just the people who stop to say something as we constantly hear or see people commenting on how awesome this pram is!

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A pram, a problem, a fix…

So you may have read about our problems with the Mothercare Xpedior pram we bought for our precious baby. It hurt her so obviously we no longer wished to/could use it so we complained to Mothercare. After a bit of chasing back and forth, and three 60 mile round trips to our “local” store we eventually got rid of the pram (which is a pity because it was pretty) and ordered a replacement (to the detriment of our pocket).
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Mothercare Xpedior – problems rearing their heads


The Xpedior car seat caused this welt on 22 week old’s knee (she is only on 9th percentile of weight so only small) after just a 10 minute journey.

Back in February I wrote a review on the Mothercare Xpedior where we liked the pram and gave it a fairly positive review – we like it but have learned that it takes time to really know how much you will like a pram and now I will tell you why! Continue reading