41 weeks and counting!

Well here we are, a week past our due date and not had so much as a twinge to think labour is near.

Not to fret though as we have a date booked for an induction – this Sunday – so we know that we wont be waiting much longer.

The past week has been a slightly stressful one. We had our 40 week appointment, hoping for a sweep, and ended up with an appointment for a scan the next day as the midwives thought I might have been breech. Thankfully the scan helped ease our minds and baby was head down but I was still not engaged so no sweep.

Yesterday we had another appointment and at 40+6 we were told that we were engaged enough for a sweep so we opted to have one. Oh my goodness was it sore! I had expected it to be uncomfortable but this was painful, I may have screamed! How will I cope with labour?

The sweep was unsuccessful as the cervix was not ready at 2cm thick (hence the pain) but hopefully it will have done enough to at ;east kick start the body into realising that baby needs evicted.

I am back to midwife tomorrow and will get another sweep which, fingers crossed, will get things going and avoid an induction (I really want to deliver at MLU and not hospital).


Anyways rather than dwelling in the delay in baby coming we went for a nice walk along the beach with the dogs to clear the cobwebs and try and take out minds off the wait.


The A to Z of pregnancy

Now that I am full term and thinking ahead to being a mum I thought I would do what so many others have done before me and take a look back on what I will and will not miss about being pregnant.

Overall, as you will have read on the blog, I have had ups and downs throughout pregnancy but despite this I will say there are some things I will miss about the whole experience – like having a checkout opened just for me at Tesco the other day because I was struggling to walk! Great service.

A – I will not miss the anxiety of pregnancy

Are my symptoms normal? Should I contact the midwife? Is the baby moving enough, too much? There are so many things that you worry about when going through the nine months.

At first you worry that the scans will come up with issues, then you worry that something is going wrong with the baby. Nothing you can do will really ease your mind that much so I will not miss this. I know that come baby’s arrival I will swap these anxieties with others so won’t be free of anxiety for years to come.

B – I will miss my bump

I know having a bump makes you feel like a beached whale and means you can barely find anything that fits you but at the same time it is such a great feeling seeing your baby is growing inside you by watching the size of your bump expanding (oh and lucky, so far, I have not got a stretch mark).

C – I will not miss longing for baby cuddles

Yep that’s right, from the minute I knew I was pregnant I have been longing to give my baby the biggest, squishiest cuddles you have ever had. I am now so close to that moment and I just can not wait.

D – I will not miss struggling with dog walking

I have two dogs who have not been on such long walks that they are used to. I have tried to take them as far as I can, or to a field so they can play catch, but I really look forward to long walks through the woods and nature trails with a pram and the hubby.


E – I will not miss having to think about what I can or can not eat

I have to admit that I have not be the best at making sure I can or can not eat something throughout this pregnancy, although there have been times I have eaten something and then got myself into a panic that I maybe shouldn’t have.

Having to google items whilst in a restaurant has been a pain too and just the general unknown.

I can’t wait to eat things that I haven’t been allowed to, or to eat without guilt.

F – I will not miss the fatigue

I have struggled with energy levels for most of the pregnancy and so I hope that I will regain some of my energy levels once baby is here.

I know that I will be shattered from getting up at night for the baby but I am hoping that I will feel more human within a few months.

G – I will miss playing the guessing game

How big will baby be? What sex is it? What personality will it have? I am eager to find out but I will miss the constant guessing game about our little one!

Of course it will be a perfect size, will look as pretty as a picture and will be the sweetest person around!

H – I won’t miss heartburn

I was lucky enough not to get this until the last couple of months but when it came it was awful. To begin with I couldn’t tell you what it was as I had never had heartburn before but after a bit of searching I worked it all out.

At times it was so bad I was physically sick from it and to this day I am not sure what the triggers are.


I – I will not miss having to restrict the amount of Irn-Bru I am allowed to drink

Cutting down caffeine was one of the harder parts of pregnancy, although I managed to surprise myself by doing it so well.

I love Irn-Bru, it used to be all I drank but because of caffeine levels I have had to drastically cut it down. Now I love orangeied and lemonade

J – I will miss many of the pregnancy joys

From the first ultrasound or the second (and getting to see babies perfect little feet!), to feeling the kicks, or hiccups. I will miss these as they keep you going throughout pregnancy.

K – I don’t know if I will miss baby kicking

When I first felt baby kicking I was unsure as to whether I liked the feeling or not. I know shocking eh. However, as the pregnancy progressed I loved the reassurance of feeling baby kick and squirm inside me. There was the opposite feeling though, the one of dread when you haven’t felt baby in ages (or maybe just five minutes).

I am not sure whether I will miss this feeling as I will have baby in my arms and will be able to see and feel its kicks from the outside rather than the inside.


L – I will miss long lies that I have enjoyed during the last few days of pregnancy

For most of the pregnancy I really struggled to sleep. Sometimes I could not get comfortable and at others there seemed to be no apparent reason behind the insomnia – just another symptom I guess.

Strangely at 39 weeks plus 6 days I suddenly got two very good nights sleep. YEs I Still had to get up for a couple of pees throughout the night but I got around 10 hours for two nights running. Then I was back to being awake all night and up until 7 a.m. before getting a wink of sleep. I enjoyed it whilst it lasted.

M – I won’t miss restricted movements such as bending

Putting on my own socks, picking something up off the floor, bending over to pet the dogs. Many things that I am looking forward to being able to do again once baby is here.

N – I will not miss worrying about Neural-tube defects

Since I found out I was pregnant I worried about everything that could go ‘wrong’ and neural-tube defects were high on my list of concerns.

After having 12 week scan I was calm for a bit, until the 20 weeks scan neared and I panic again. Even during the scan I was panicking. Luckily we have a brilliant sonographer who quickly put our minds at ease when she realised how worried I was about them

O – I will not miss overheating

In the later parts of pregnancy I have been struggling with feeling too hot all the time. At night I will wake drenched in sweat, during the day I will feel uncomfortably hot. There seems to be no way of cooling down.

P – I won’t miss having to get up six times a night to pee

I guess you just have to accept this as being part and parcel of being pregnant and, yes, you do get used to it after a while – doesn’t mean I won’t miss it though.

Q – I won’t miss feeling queasy 

Okay so I didn’t suffer morning sickness as such but feeling queasy is something that I will not miss.

R –  I will not miss rib flare

For far too long throughout the pregnancy I suffered very badly with rib flare – to the point I used to break down in tears it was so sore. I had it for a good few months and I can honestly say it is something I hope never to have to go through again.

At times I felt my ribs were actually broken and sticking out of my skin and nothing I did ever allowed me to get any sort of comfort. Thankfully the pain vanished, as if my magic, one night and although I still gets semi sore ribs it is nothing like what I suffered for months.

S – I will not miss restricted sleeping positions

Throughout pregnancy you are encouraged to sleep on your left which is all well and good if you can get comfy on your left. I am someone who likes to sleep on her tummy but who suddenly started finding lying on her back was super comfy – not great when you are recommended not to sleep on back when pregnant.

I am now looking forward to just being able to lie in any position that I want to and to be able to turn over in bed without hurting my back/tummy/pelvis.

T – I will not miss not feeling I can travel far

This related to the later stages of pregnancy when you start to feel you can’t move too far away from the house. I could be for comfort reasons or just anxiety of being too far from the maternity unit.

 Being able to book a holiday, get on a plane, jump in a car and go where ever we want is something I am looking forward to.

U – I won’t miss trying to find bright unisex clothing

One thing I hate is bland clothing. I have always enjoy colour and so I was annoyed when I could not find unisex clothing that was bright and colourful with ease.  Why do unisex babies have to wear white? or cream? Give me bright yellows, oranges, red, greens any day.

V – I will not miss having to remember our vitamins

Okay so I will be on vitamins for a few months yet as a breastfeed but I have felt stressed about taking them for the good of the baby. 

W – I won’t miss not being able to lose weight

I wish I had lost weight before falling pregant. Being a size 14 I am not huge (although no idea what size I am now lol) but I wonder if I had started as a size 10 if I might have avoided the rib flare, or back aches, or tiredness.

I can’t wait to get back into exercising once baby is here – being able to walk more than a mile without being in pain. Think the dogs will be chuffed with this development as well. 

X – I will not miss having to worry about x-rays

Thankfully I haven’t needed to have one but when we flew to Thailand when I was 8 weeks – 11 weeks pregnant I was worried that we may have been asked to go through the new x-ray machines at the airport. Thankfully we weren’t so all was fine.

Y – I will not miss yawning all the time (although I guess this won’t ever go!)

Yup tiredness moans again. What can I say? I hate feeling tired all the time. Once baby is here it will sleep and eat, never waking me during the night *cough*

Z – I will miss all my lost ZZZZ’s

I cope out I know but what else can you use for Z?

40 weeks today!

At last I can say that we have made it to 40 weeks and that any day now we will become mummy and daddy!

I can’t believe that we have made it. It has been tough at times, with aches and pains, tiredness and just general worry making time seem to drag. However, now at 40 weeks I can honestly say I can’t believe that we have got to this stage of pregnancy so quickly.

I know instantly that I was pregnant. Of course we had to go through the two week wait to confirm my suspicions but the pregnancy test was more of a formality rather than a confirmation. In that time I felt sick, had dry skin, cramps and tiredness.

I felt sick, had dry skin, cramps and tiredness

The most magical moment, for me, was not the test but rather the 12 week scan. I can still remember how scared I was beforehand but how magical it was to see my baby on the screen for the first time. I still well up when I think about that moment!



This tiredness then got worse and worse, I would get to 3 p.m. and would struggle to stay awake and until I felt baby kicking and moving I have to admit that I did not enjoy being pregnant as all you felt was pains and general yuckiness and had no idea if baby was OK or not.

The wait between the 12 week and 20 week scan was the longest part of the pregnancy (I would even say longer than the later stages and waiting for baby to arrive).

At this stage you are not sure whether baby is going to have any abnormalities and if it is growing as it should. Thankfully our scan went well and again I loved seeing baby on the screen.


During much of the pregnancy I suffered rib flare, which was so painful it would reduce me to tears but I would go through it all again to ensure that baby is well.

Now we are in the final stages, with a maximum wait of two weeks until we meet our family’s latest edition and, although full of nerves, I really can not wait until we are knee high in sick, nappies and baby drool.


Latest knitting projects

So many months ago I started my first project for our baby (which is due tomorrow).

After a great start I made mistake and didn’t know how to amend things so gave up. Thankfully I was able to get the help of my mum to get me back on track and last week I am proud to say that I finished my baby’s cardign!




It may not be perfect, but of it was perfect how would you know it is home made?

I have also been working on a baby blanket (nice and bright rather than the dull white or cream ones you can buy in the shops).

This was a much easier pattern and so took me far less time to make but I love it. I have, once again, made a few mistakes but that doesn’t bother me and hopefully it is big enough to cover baby and keep him or her warm.







Getting my hobbies back

I’ve decided that I need to do more exercise once baby is here (I would do it now but I get too sore) but I would also like to start doing more of my old hobbies that I have neglected.
I have started to knit and, to an extent, crochet but I used to have a very keen interest in photography – and I would love to rekindle this once baby is here.
I am looking forward to long walks with the baby where I can take my camera and experiment with different methods of photography.
Sadly I am not the most skilled or knowledgeable about the subject but I feel I will put my maternity leave to good use and teach myself – I gave the books so now just need to read them!
I once did a challenge to take a picture everyday for a year and succeeded in doing over two years without a break but my love for that dwindled as I ran out of ideas on what to take pictures of. I might start that back up again and see if I can think of more exciting angles to take pictures and experiment with close ups and settings.
I hope to learn new hobbies and skills over the combining months also and would be keen to hear suggestions in what to do.

Getting back on track with exercise

I have used pregnancy an excuse to be a bit of a lazy slob.

I have found the aches and pains have encouraged me to sit about and do nothing, letting the husband walk the dogs and do a lot of the house work – if I do anything I get a sore back.

Now there is an end in sight for this pregnancy I am determined to get back on track with my exercise regime and lose the baby weight and just generally get healthier.

I use applications like Fitbit and Endomondo and so will be using them to track how active I am and hopefully this will get me moving more and more.

I look forward to having the baby and going out long walks with the pram and the dogs to enjoy walks such as this in Loch Muick

Loch Muick

Swimming with baby and hubby  is another thing that we can’t wait to enjoy and we plan to make it a weekly activity so we get into a regime.

I can’t wait to get back on my bike. I missed a beautiful summer last year from being pregnant and so will make the most of any good weather this year to get out and about.


I used to enjoy inline skating and so plan to dust off my boots and enjoy that as well.


Until then I will put my feet up and watch TV for a while.

Can you tell what it is yet?

After the success of my last baby knit I am motivated to knit more, so I have started a wee blanket for the baby.

I like colours and have found that a lot of unisex blankets are white or pale yellow – not my cup of tea.


I was a bit worried that the wool might be a bit girly, which would be fine if we have a girl, but with a blue trim I think it looks perfectly fine for either boy or girl.


It is going to take a while, obviously, but I am finding that it is getting there quicker than I had first imagined that it would.

It also helps to allow me to pass time during the day when hubby is at work and take my mind off my due day (one week and four days). Hopefully by the time baby comes the blanket will be ready for it!