12 photos for 12 months



2014 has been one of the best years ever, so much so that I am incredibly sad to see it end. I will admit that I have gotten a bit emotional about the end of the year coming already.


If truth be told 2013 (when I got married and fell pregnant) and 2014 (when we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world) have been the two most wonderful years that I have ever lived through. I just don’t know how 2015 will live up to either of these years.

So, as a bit of nostalgia, I have chosen one picture from each month of 2014 as my favourite pictures from throughout the year.


I chose this picture as it was the first knitted project I had completed for my soon to be baby. It was red as we didn’t know if we were having and girl or a boy. I loved that hat.



It could only be this picture. The first picture we took when Molly was only an hour old. We had just been wheeled through for the theatre and I she had only been in my arms for around 10 minutes by this stage. I have tears in my eyes looking at this picture. Love it so much. Welcome to the world little lady.



Those eyes! Those eyes and that nose. So cute. I love how blue her eyes are in this picture. I think this is one of my all time favourite pictures of Molly.



I love how cosy she looks n this picture and how bright the pink of the jacket is. Again I think her eyes look striking in this picture.



Until Molly was rolling at six months, tummy time was a complete nightmare. This was one of only a few pictures I managed to capture of Molly on her front in the first six month of her life where she wasn’t crying. We ended up going to physiotherapy with her from around 3 months until now as she held her head to the side and wouldn’t tolerate tummy time.



We took Molly camping for a week for the first time when she was a few days off turning four months. We were unsure about how she would cope so had booked the campsite but realising we might have to leave early. We need not have worried. She was great and slept better than we could even have hoped. She actually slept more at night than at home. We were lucky that her bed, a hammock, was easy to take with us so she was in her usual bed.



In this month we started weaning. It wasn’t easy as Molly had no real desire to eat solids. This was the first time she had taken anything (we had tried rice, porridge, purees). Banana is still one of her favourite foods.



In August we went on our first foreign holiday as a family of three. We went to Kos, Greece, as I had many happy memories of holidaying in Greece as a kid. We loved it. Although it was hot (over 40 at time) Molly coped so well and enjoyed every minute. She never cried, she loved swimming in the sea and in the pool, she found a love for ice-cream. We went on a couple of ferry trips visiting two other islands. We drove round the whole island. We had the best holiday we could ever have had.



This picture makes me smile as it was when Molly really took to solids. Although she had had many foods up to this point it was a struggle. This was a turning point. She loves all food now.



Halloween was an exciting time for us as it was the first time I got to choose a fancy dress outfit for Molly. I carved pumpkins and we went to a couple of Halloween themed events.



Who couldn’t smile at this picture. Right place at the right time.



Christmas was fantastic this year. Molly’s first and she was so excited by it. She totally understood that you had to unwrap the boxes to get the present, so much so that when I wrapped some late gifts for a friend she instantly knew you had to pull the paper off and so tried her best to do so.


There are so many other pictures I wanted to put on here. Some had pictures of other family members of friends who I have not asked permission to put online, or there were half a dozen pictures that I wanted to use for one month. Who knew I had so many pictures on my computer???

I hope you all have a very happy new year when it comes! We are having a quiet hogmanay here. I look forward to all that 2015 holds for us, starting with a first birthday in February.

The List

Birthday buys in the Christmas sales – total bargains

Two for the price of less than one!

Molly is going to be one soon, too soon, and we are lucky that her birthday falls just after the boxing day sales so we can grab some bargains for her.

This is the first year that we have had a chance to save money as last year we did not know what sex our baby was so couldn’t buy girly things for her.

Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Palace

By chance, whilst shopping in Tesco, we saw two of the items that had been on our Christmas list for Molly but that we never ended up getting as she already had too much (and we thought they were a bit dear). The first was one that I still had my eye on and had been thinking about buying just the other day as I had seen it reduced from £50 to £36. This was the Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Palace.FPrincess

I had read so many good reviews about this but when we went to get it at Christmas I just felt it was quite small for the £50-£52 price tag, especially since Molly is a wee bit too small to totally understand how it works just yet so we decided to wait and get it for her birthday. So when I saw it in Tesco for £25 I could not say no! I was so excited. I can’t wait until it is Molly’s birthday so we can see what it is actually like but at £25 I don’t think we can complain if it is not the most amazing thing ever. At £50 it would have had to be perfect.

ELC Happyland Treehouse – exclusive to Tesco

The second was one I had looked at but as some of the other sets at the ELC were reduced to half price or more we went with one of them (which is one of my personal favourite toys that Molly got this year). That was the Happyland Zoo which was reduced from £70 to £35. For that you got so much for your money, even at £70 I would have been happy with what we got but for £35 it really is great value for money. I have to admit that at first I was a bit upset as I had ordered the wrong thing and had wanted something a bit more girly but now I am glad I made the mistake. The Happyland Zoo is fabulous.


When I had considered buying the ELC Happyland Tree House I had seen it on the ELC website for £50 but it did not include some of the items that the one we saw in Tesco had and it sold for £50. The one that we bought in the Tesco sale was only £24 but included more – an extra carriage, a hedgehog and an extra fairy. More items for less money? Sold!

The hedgehog is cute and I had seen it for £16 on its own. I almost bought it. I am glad I never. If you push the hedgehog it moves, or so it claims. Great for encouraging Molly to crawl or walk with it.

The treehouse has lots of different things to do, like opening gates, putting fairies down the slide, turning a wench to pull up a basket and a doorbell. Lots of things that Molly will enjoy as she grows up. If it is as well made as the zoo this is going to last money for many, many years. I can see her playing with this when she is five or six!

The great thing is that we got two items for less than we would have been buying just one of these sets. We don’t need to get anything more, saving us money and meaning her birthday will be a stress free event.


Frame it Friday

Displaying your proud points with Frame it Friday

Frame it Friday

Have you ever been proud of something that you have wanted to frame it and show it off, then why not join in an exciting new linky that the wonderful Sarah from letthembesmall and myself will be hosting from January – Frame it Friday.

Frame it Friday gives you the chance to choose something that you would put in a frame – your favourite picture taken during the week, a fabulous piece of artwork/craft that you or your child made, a certificate of achievement. It could also be a personal achievement such as running that extra half mile (that will be mine *cough*), losing that extra 3lb of weight, passing your driving test. Simply put, Frame it Friday, is a way to showcase anything that you think is frame worthy!

The linky will open each week on a Friday and close on a Tuesday, so please pop along and add your own frame worthy post. We can’t wait to see your posts and share your frame worthy posts each week.

Each week Sarah and I will choose our favourite post that was shared with the linky and will showcase it in our showcase the next week.

The first #frameitfriday will take place on January 9 and we really hope you will join us then!

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Frame it Friday
Frame it Friday

Baby Christmas card crafts



Christmas cards and festive cheer

This is Molly’s first Christmas so we wanted to make some personalised Christmas cards with her help. So with a few bits of card, some paint, and some willing little feet, we set about the task of crafting.

We used some poster paints and some left over card from when we made our wedding cards so the project was very cheap, if we had to buy the items it would have cost us a couple of pounds for all the cards we needed but looked so cute.



A made a batch of green and brown feet so I could have a selection of cards to choose from – I got my ideas from Pinterest as they were so cute.


With the green footprints I made some Christmas tree cards and some “Mistletoes”. I think they look so cute. I added some finishing touches with tape and decorative rollers that I got from Lidls earlier this month. I wish I had bought more as there were non-Christmas ones which would have been great for birthday cards!


With the brown feet I couldn’t resist making reindeer cards. Molly has a reindeer snow suit which she looks adorable in so these are extra special to me. I added some googly eyes and a heard button for a nose (I was going to use pompoms but the shop were out of all the red ones so I got buttons as an emergency, I love the buttons so I am glad).

With the reindeer, Christmas tree and Mistletoe cards I added decorative touches with some sharpie pens that I had got cheap during the summer.

The only problem is that we did this, as we do with everything, very last minute so fingers crossed the cards get to people in time!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Win a Lindam Jump About Plus door bouncer RRP £24.99

So I have been blogging for a while now and I thought it was time I gave something back to those who take their time to read my blog. For this reason I am happy to say I am hosting a competition to win a Lindam Jump About Plus door bouncer worth £24.99.


The Lindam Bounce About Plus door bouncer is great fun for babies, who can bounce to their hearts content whilst allowing their parents the chance to do some chores in a safe and fun way.

The bouncer is suitable for ages around 3 months (when they can hold their heads steady) to a maximum weight of 12Kg/26.46 lbs.

It features a deluxe padded and supportive seat that ensures your little one is comfortable and maintains the correct posture and is machine washable.  It has been tested to 1 million bounces and encourages the development of motor skills such as jumping and moving.

The straps are adjustable to ensure that your baby can bounce about at a comfortable and safe position. The clamp fits securely onto strong internal door frames so you can move it around the house.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions: Open to UK residents only, competition ends on 25/01/2015. Winner will be selected at random from all correctly completed entries and contacted via email/twitter. If the prize has not been claimed within 7 days it will be redrawn. The winner will also be posted in the comments of this blog

Festive Favourites

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and I have been tagged on a post over at Let Them Be Small to share with you my 15 “Festive Favourites”.

Favourite Festive Food

Christmas dinner

I have to say that for the entire year I look forward to the whole Christmas turkey with all the trimmings. I love stuffing (oatmeal), turkey, gravy, pigs in kilts.. oh so it I just love the whole lot.

Favourite Reindeer


I suppose I would have to say that Rudolph is my favourite because Molly has a Rudolph snow suit from Tesco and she looks adorable in it. It is not something I have ever put much thought to.

Favourite day of Christmas

I love both Christmas day and Boxing Day as we have a meal at each set of parents so effectively have two Christmas days. I suppose the excitement of Christmas is what I love and now that we have Molly I think I will probably enjoy Christmas Day the best.

Favourite Christmas song

Fairytale of New York. I love this song and it always gets put up load on the car radio when it is on. Love to play it on my saxophone also. If it is a children’s song it will probably be Rudolph the red nosed reindeer as kids always seem to love singing this song.

Favourite Present

I find it harder and harder to think of anything I need for Christmas the older I get. As a child it would have been my Playmobil Victorian House. I loved that. I think for Molly I am excited to give her gifts and think her favourite will be the Xylophone that Santa has gotten her.

Favourite Christmas Film

Until this weekend I had not seen Elf. Now I would say that it is definately my favourite film. Otherwise I am not someone who really watches Christmas films as such. If they are in then I will watch but otherwise I am not too bothered.

Favourite Festive Cracker Toy

Erm, do crackers ever have anything of interest in them? Maybe a bouncy ball as a child?

Favourite Cracker Joke

Why did Santa’s helper see the doctor?

Because he had a low “elf” esteem!

Favourite Christmas Decoration


Well it is Molly’s first Christmas so of course we had to try out some crafts and one of these crafts was a hand print of Santa. I love this and it is so personal and fun.

Favourite Christmas Candle Scent

We don’t have Christmas candles so I can’t really comment, although we did get an advent Yankee Candle set last year and I love the sugared apple one from that. I would say that anything Yankee Candle is a firm favourite in this house.

Favourite Christmas TV Advert


The Irn-Bru “snowman” advert. Whenever this comes on the TV I just get right Christmassy. It is a bit like people who think the Coke advert means it is Christmas for me it is Irn-Bru.

Favourite Festive Tradition

We don’t have any traditions although we have gone to the outdoor Christmas carol singing on Christmas Eve for the past few years. I doubt we will go this year as it is after Molly’s bedtime but when she is older we will make it a family event.

We have bought a book, Santa is coming to Angus, and we plan to read that each year before bed on Christmas Eve.

Favourite Place to Spend Christmas

We spend Christmas at our parents house, visiting one before going to the other set. It is fun and I love having Christmas dinner made for me 🙂

Favourite Christmas Fact

I don’t have many facts about Christmas so the one that I love is that Santa’s suit used to be green. It was green until Coca Cola made it red. It would be odd if Santa was green now.

Favourite Snowman Accessory

His hat. No-one wants to have a cold head and that goes for a snowman too!

Share your Festive Favourites

I would have tagged Beau is Blue to take part in this post but she has already been tagged so I tag LaraBee UK as she has been so festive with all her creative crafts she has shared on the Christmas Craft linky

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