New shoes

Everyone needs new shoes every once in a while


You can tell you are a mum when buying new shoes for someone else is more exciting than buying shoes for yourself.

I always think that I am not someone who has a lot of shoes, until I actually look and see how many are lying about the house. You can’t get in the door from shoes some days and most of them are mine! I blame this on the fact that when I was pregnant my feet grew from a size 4 to a size 5 (though towards the end even they were tight). I got some comfy Ugg boots whilst pregnant but then I had Molly and my feet did not shrink. Even when I managed to get into my pre-pregnancy clothes after two weeks and got my wedding rings back on in the same time space I just could not fit into any of my pre-pregnancy shoes. Gutted.

When the summer months came and what a hot summer it was, wearing Ugg boots was just not an option and after wearing too small shoes and cutting my heals to bits I went out and got some new shoes. Then I got some more new shoes and I had a good collection of boots and trainers again. Then last week I tried on some f my old Dr Marten boots as I have been gutted about not being able to wear them as I only got them just before I fell pregnant with Molly. They fit! So I tried on my Converse trainers that I got when on Honeymoon in Thailand. They fit! So I now have shoes in two sizes that all seem to fit. Awesome! My shoe collection has doubled.

I have been keen to buy Molly shoes since she was born and since she was standing I thought I would have a look and see what there was. I know she is not walking and that the shoes were unnecessary but I have been wearing her a lot lately and not had any shoes that she hasn’t kicked off so thought I would get ones that would stay on when worn and could, if needed, be worn to walk. I measured Molly’s feet myself and found her to be around a size 2 so when I saw that Mothercare had cute Converse style trainers for Β£10 I thought I would get them as baby shoes that don’t stay on can cost the same.


I then thought it would be best to get Molly’s feet measured just in case I had done it wrong and the shoes were too small. So we popped into our nearest Clarks shop and they measured her feet in seconds and found she has a left foot that measured 1.5 and a right that measured 2! Odd sized feet just like her mummy (who only found out when she was pregnant).


I think the shoes from Mothercare look utterly adorable and would love to have a pair for myself! She won’t probably get much wear out of these as they are more to keep her feet warm but I love them a lot.


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