Why do people not use libraries?

Libraries are so underused but why?

Since having M my habits have changed. No longer does a day out involve a drive to the neared city and a wonder round the shops. In fact, as much as it pains me to say this, I actually hate going shopping now! I used to love wandering round the shops, just window shopping, spending so many hours just walking. Now I still think I like it but when it comes to it I usually find myself getting bored and fed up after just 20 minutes (much to the hubby’s delight I am sure).


Now when I think of something to do it still involves walking but usually to the local park, or a drive to the local swimming pool, or a walk to the library. Things that are fun and can help with health or education really and things that don’t cost much money!

Why are libraries so underused?

The library is a much underused facility and this saddens me. We go every week to the local Bookbug and the session are busy which is great but if you go outwith the times of kids groups there is very rarely a child there. It is rare to even see anyone take a book out for a child even when a group is on. I can quite easily pick up a random book and find it has not been taken out in over a year!

With M we tend to take out 12 books over other week, sometimes every week, as she loves books. Sometimes she wants to just flip the pages of a book, or look at the pictures by herself. Often she wants to read the book aloud by herself and sometimes she wants to cuddle in and read with us. Regardless of this she always gets a nighttime story before bed, normally read from one of her library books.

We have focused on books since she was tiny. I remember sitting with her in my arms when she was days old reading (edited) sections of the book I was reading. Now whenever she sees a book she has to have it. She squeals in excitement when she sees a book. I love this.IMG_0929

So when I see books sitting unread in the library I just don’t understand. Going to the library costs nothing and you can have so many new books to read for a month. It really means there is no need to buy books (although I do as I like to have books sitting about the house that I don’t worry she will ruin or books that  love so much I just have to get her).

When we go to the library she will get excited as soon as she realises what street we are at and gets upset if we don’t go into the library when we are close yet I have spoken to so many people who have not taken then one or two year old’s to the library, ever.

M got her first library card aged four days old. She got her first library books ages four days old and since then she has had so many. She even likes to choose books for mummy when we go to get some for me and loves the different feel of the books in the adult section rather than the children’s section.


I guess I have been brought up to visit libraries so it is natural for me to go to them. I did stop going when I went to uni and had no time to read between university and working but I have always had a library card and always will.

If you don’t use a library what puts you off?


18 week pregnancy update

You are growing bigger and bigger every week my sweet potato


What vegetable are you?

Well my sweet you are not a sweet potato. I feel slightly sorry for you though as – 1) Sweet potatoes are not the prettiest of vegetables and 2) – I am not fond of eating them! Nevertheless I am so excited to meet you and even more excited to see you again in two weeks time!

Do I feel pregnant?

I still am not feeling pregnant yet which is probably a good thing as it means the weeks are flying by and I am still feeling okay.

I have felt the odd movement here and there but nothing regular or that strong yet. I just can’t wait until I can lie down and feel you moving about all the time!

How big is bump?

My bump is growing but I am still managing to fit into normal clothing but it won’t be too long until I have to crack open the maternity clothing bag. I think I maybe could have worn some by now but there really are no bright maternity clothes out there (that I can find and afford) so I have been trying to just wear what I have – I will not be forced to wear black, grey or white.

I could probably start doing bump pictures but I am fat and scared that I will just be sharing my fatness with people rather than my bump. I might change mind later but for now I am too shy.


Over the past couple of days I have noticed my fingers swelling a bit but I think that fits in with us having the heating on again. We can’t remember when I took rings off last time but we both think it was before the 20 week scan so I guess this also fits in with the schedule of our last pregnancy.


I have had a few more headaches this week. Not as sore as early in this pregnancy but enough to make me feel a bit bleurgh.

My boobs are STILL hurting. So much for them easing during the second trimesters. Darn you!

Baby update

At 18 weeks  you are now the size of a sweet potato (although who has ever seen a uniform size of sweet potato?). Lengthwise you are 14 cm, almost half a ruler. Wow. You have grown a couple of cms since last week!

Button is now learning to yawn and hiccup (can’t wait to feel you hiccuping) and now has its own fingerprints.

Many of Button’s bones are starting to harden and the first bones in its ears are developing meaning it will soon be able to hear things like my heart beat or singing!

Weekend Book Club

Share your book loves (and hates) in the Weekend Book Club


It is another week, which signals the start of another #weekendbookclub which is hosted by myself as well as Suz over at Beauisblue and Sarah over at Letthembesmall.

The reason for the Weekend Book Club is so that you can let us know what you have been reading, or what your children has been reading. Do you have a book you love? Loathe? Think was okay? Then share your reviews with us here.

You may be looking for ideas on what to read yourself or what to get your child so all book reviews and book related posts are encouraged.

Since I started this linky I have come across so many book ideas for M or I to read and I can’t wait to find more and more books to add to our “to-read” list.

So welcome to the Weekend Book Club. Join in sharing what you have been reading with us each Saturday to Monday.

If you share your links on Twitter use #weekendbookclub or tweet @trainingmummy, @beauisblue or @MsSBurns and we will do our best to retweet your posts.


  • You can share as many links as you want, old or new.
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The linky will open each Saturday and will close on a Monday.

Weekend Book Club

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Totsbots review #RNW2015

Totsbots were the first brand of reusable nappy that we used and one that we have a vast collection of so I guess that tells you how well we like them. I also love the fact that they are a UK company, based in Scotland, so of course, as a fellow Scot, I just had to try these nappies out. I am glad I did as they are the nappy that converted me from being a disposable user to a cloth user. This review is detailing nappies we have bought and used and we are not being paid to write this post. All thoughts are mine and mine only.

Totsbots are ethical nappies, made in their own factory here in Scotland – no sweatshops for them! Indeed Totsbots love using local companies that they have moved all production back to Glasgow after getting some of the Bamboozles manufactured in Turkey to help meet demand. Even the sourcing of materials for making the products and packaging are sourced ethically.

One reason, beyond how pretty cloth nappies are, that we chose to try cloth was because of the chemicals used in disposable nappies. Indeed when we found M was getting nappy rash we changed her disposables to cloth and the rash started to clear up instantly. Yes we do still use disposables from time to time but cloth is the way forward for us and Totsbots have a Oeko-tex 100 certification to prove their nappies are free of harmful chemicals. They are the only nappy company in the world to have our whole range of nappies Oeko-tex certified!


We have used a number of differnt types of Totsbots nappies, from V2-V4 Easyfits and Bamboozles.

The Easyfit nappies are all-in-one birth to potty nappies which fit babies from 8lb to 35lb. At 15 months M is on the middle size setting of these so there is still plenty of growth room in them. I did find that when she was smaller I could not get a good size on her, this was an issue with her having such skinny legs and she was only on the 3rd percentile at the time. Once she started to put on weight round her thighs they started to fit well. Yes we have had leaks in the past (I didn’t know you were meant to boost nappies) and still we sometimes get a leak here or there but that tends to be on the days that M is weeing loads and we just haven’t changed her.

It is hard to find anything but the V4 Easyfits now as the others have been phased out but we started with V3 nappies which are so soft to touch. I also find that these dry so much faster than the other two versions. No matter how often you wash it the inner part stays soft which is great when putting on your babies bottom! I also love the bold prints that there are with V3 nappies. Gorgeous.


The V4 nappies is made of “Binky” a combination of bamboo and minky and certainly holds in the wee more than the the other Totsbots do. It comes with a booster which I have never taken off and sometimes it is saturated and others it is drier.


V2 nappies were made, I believe, with bamboo and are I find these last ages as well although some of the nappies have a more crinkly sound to them than other V2s? Otherwise I love them all.


If you are looking for a nappy that last longer, or is a night nappy, the Totsbots Bamboozles are the ones for you. I have a toddler who sleeps 16 hours a night and have used these with no leaks. Incredible really for a cloth nappy. These are two part nappies with an outer waterproof cover and the Bamboozle cloth nappy. I boost mine because M sleeps so long and we have had a few leaks but you expect that when she sleeps as long as she does. These are made of super soft stretchy bamboo and you need more Bamboozles than wraps. I have to say I get nervous at night tim with cloth but 9 time out of 10 I am shocked at how well they cope. You can get these in two sizes although we have only used size 2 which fits 9 to 35lb but you can get size 1 Bamboozles that fit from 6 to 18 lb.



These nappies use “velcro” to close round the waist but have poppers to allow you to reduce the size for smaller babies and hence “birth to potty”. I found that fitting tightly round the thigh was a problem for us in the early days as M had, and still does have, skinny thighs. She is a tall slender baby and now toddler and Totsbots does state that this can be a problem with fitting issues. However once she reached 4 or 5 months old and having had a wee chat online with Totsbots and other users I found that I could get the right fit and boosting helped. I think with M I would have needed the Teenyfits but hindsight is a marvelous thing isn’t it! I do wish there had been a way to pull the leg closing in a little tighter when M was smaller but that is just a small thing really.

Ease of use

If you can put on a disposable nappy you can put on a Totsbots nappy. Yes it takes a we bit of fiddling to get the right fit for your child but once you work that out it takes seconds to do a nappy change.

The Bamboozles take an age to air dry. If it is not a sunny warm day I would give them a couple of days to dry on the line or on an air dryer. We have a heated dryer from Lakeland and still it takes more than a day to dry. They can also be a bit bulky when on but if they keep going through the night I can deal with bulkiness.

Easyfits can be dried easily, on the line they can be put out in the morning and on the baby in the afternoon. Even inside they can be dry within a day.


V2 and V4 nappies are the most absorbent to of the Easyfits, with the V4s coming out in front. The V3s need boosted but that said they can all last 4 hours at a time.

Bamboozles are amazing. To last 16 hours is outstanding. I was so sure that thy would leak and M would be woken up by the wetness and her pyjamas would be sodden but how wrong I was.


These are our favourite nappies. We have a big collection of then and are always looking for more. I do think they are a little smaller than some of the other nappies we have but I don’t think that compromises them in any way.

I will say that the Bamboozles make me a bit sad at times. I especially love the Thistle and Sunset colours and get sad when I have to cover them in a wrap. I wish there was such a thing as a clear wrap or wraps in the same colours as the Bamboozles are.


You are an onion now

17 weeks pregnant and I am carrying an onion


We are 17 weeks into this pregnancy and I have to admit that I have yet to feel “pregnant”. So often I am sat playing with M or just getting on with general day duties and I completely forget that I am carrying another little human (sorry Button).

Not feeling pregnant brings with it a lot of guilt. With M, who is our first child, all our focus was on the pregnancy and the baby we were carrying. Not  moment went by without us ticking off another day closer to meeting her, so to not even feel pregnant yet is a horrible feeling. Don’t get me wrong I love Button so much already and I can not wait until the day we meet him or her but it is completely different this time round.

Over the past few days I think I have been feeling some more defined kicks which is lovely and helps to make me worry less. I can’t wait to feel regular kicks rather than every now and again kicks.

At 17 weeks I am still finding normal clothing to fit into which is a relief as the lack of colours on maternity wear at the moment is depressing. I love bold bright colours and all I can find are greys or blacks. Boring!

I have no swelling yet and still wearing my wedding rings. I remember having to take off my rings early last time, I think before the 20 week scan, so I am pleased to still be wearing my rings.

Symptom wise I am still feeling faint at times but I think the hot weather is not helping with that. I also still have sore boobs (come on body I am in the second trimester now! Stop hurting!).

At 17 weeks Button is 5.1 inches long and has mastered some simple reflexes such as blinking, swallowing and sucking. One thing that M had a lot when she in the womb was hiccups and Button can now have bouts of them. Button is growing body fat and it’s brain can regulate its heart beats to 140 to 150 beats a minute!

Bambino Mio Miosolo nappy review #RNW2015

Funky designs and they fit well


A nappy we have only recently started to use is the Bambino Mio Miosolo nappies, which for us have been love at first use. I had seen these nappies online before but then I heard they were for sale in Morrisons so I took a few trips to some not so local but as close as you get stores and finally, after a lot of looking I found some!


The first thing I noticed with these all-in-one nappies are that they are a far more generous in size than what I have been used to and have found that M still wears the smallest rise setting with no issue.  M is 15 months now and so I don’t know how soon we would have fit into these. I am not sure how heavy M is now, she was 17lb 10 at 12.5 months so to be in a lowest rise now is amazing. It states these nappies fit from 7lb to 35lb but I am dubious that you could get a 7lb baby in these however  having not tried these on anyone other than my daughter all I can do is wonder. I don’t think I will be fitting these on my newborn come September though.

When on the baby I find that there is some excess fabric on the nappy, especially around the waistline making them a little less slim than they maybe could be. This could be because M is still on the smallest setting but I wouldn’t say they are not that bulky either so great for daytime use.



One thing I love about these nappies is the design of the microfibre insert which makes stuffing and unstuffing the nappy a breeze. The insert has a pocket at the front that you can slip your hand into and so makes stuffing the nappies a doddle and means you can make sure the insert is flat. It also has tabs at the top of the nappy to help you pull the insert out.

Ease of use

Washing and drying these are a doddle. They can be dried on the washing line in just a few hours which is ideal if you want to limit how many nappies you have.

These are velcro nappies which make nappy changes quick and easy but if you have little fingers that like to pull velcro apart this can be a problem as they can undo them easily enough. That said M does like to undo them but the novelty soon wears off and she leaves it alone.


When I first put M in these I instantly boosted them as I boost all nappies (maybe more of a habit than a need?) but I have since tried them with just the microfibre inner and nothing else. With using only the nappy and no boost I can quite easily have M in these for 3 to 4 hours plus. This surprised me as I would normally feel that I should change them after 2 hours if no booster in. M can be a heavy wetter so it is amazing to get this amount of time in a nappy without adding anything, however she can also go hours without a pee so it could be coincidental.


These are simple to use, fit well and are very absorbent. The designs are bright and colourful which I love but I do feel they could be made slimmer but fit just as well with a little less fabric included. For £11.99 (a special deal for Real Nappy Week direct from Bambino Mio Miosolo) you can’t really go wrong.