Are you my mummy?

Are you my Mummy? – Mary Murphy

51F-HowtZkL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_M loves a life the flap book so this library book was right up her street.

What I loved straight away with this book was how cute the cartoons were. The animals are beautifully drawn and just brought my eye straight to the book so I just had to take it out for M.

The book follows puppy who is looking for his mummy. He meets a number of animals on the way, asking if they are his mummy. He gets to discover so many mummies and their children throughout his journey until he finally gets to meet his mummy at the end.

M loved lifting the flaps but I love to see how she is developing and pointing at different animals and even saying dog without being prompted!

We are introducing animals and animals sounds so this is an ideal book as it covers some everyday, normal, animals that we also see when we are out and about on walks.

The flaps are big enough for little fingers so ideal for toddlers to turn themselves – I hate flap books that involve a lot of effort even for an adult like myself.

Weekend Book Club

Share your book loves (and hates) in the Weekend Book Club


It is another week, which signals the start of another #weekendbookclub which is hosted by myself as well as Suz over at Beauisblue and Sarah over at Letthembesmall.

The reason for the Weekend Book Club is so that you can let us know what you have been reading, or what your children has been reading. Do you have a book you love? Loathe? Think was okay? Then share your reviews with us here.

You may be looking for ideas on what to read yourself or what to get your child so all book reviews and book related posts are encouraged.

Since I started this linky I have come across so many book ideas for M or I to read and I can’t wait to find more and more books to add to our “to-read” list.

So welcome to the Weekend Book Club. Join in sharing what you have been reading with us each Saturday to Monday.

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Weekend Book Club

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The cat in the hat

The cat in the hat – Dr Seuss

TheCatInTheHatI will admit that although this is obviously a well known book I have never actually, to my knowledge, read it – until this week when I took it out of the library for M.

I will admit that the cat is, in my view, a very creepy cat and looks anything but a cat so for me this is a bit of an odd thing to have in a children’s book but taking the picture of the Cat in the Hat aside the book isa fun read.

I love the rhythm if this book which means that although it is much longer than most of the books we read to M the book is read pretty quickly.

The rhyming is creative and reads so well and I did put it down at the end knowing that I will read this one again to M before we return her books to the library in the next week or two.

I don’t think I am overly fond of the story though – the cat is mischievous and gets into all sorts of trouble despite being asked not to so he is not perhaps the best role model for youngsters. I guess not all books have to be about good role models and so I presume older kids will enjoy the naughtiness of the cat. Also the mum has left her two kids at home alone? Maybe I am thinking too deeply into this!

It is a book I can see being read over the years and I would probably add this to M’s library as I just love rhyming books so this would be ideal despite the less than perfect storyline (yep I have turned into my mother even considering the issues of the plot lol).

Win with the Brave Bones Club and go explore

Go on an adventure this summer

As we head for summer the weather is turning brighter and we are all starting to head outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and to explore our surroundings – something we find important and we are pleased to hear that the Brave Bones Club ( is encouraging youngsters to do.

For M this is the first summer that she has been aware of the great outdoors and able to explore them properly and we have already been enjoying some family adventures in and around our local area.

For M an trip into the back garden is a huge adventure so exploring does not need to involve lots of travelling or expense. Just digging in the garden allows M to find out about mud, weeds, grass, flowers, worms and she has been loving it.

Her fear of the grass has gone, thankfully, and she now loves to sit and play in the garden. To help her enjoy the outdoors we have bought her a trowel and rake set which she has enjoyed playing with already (though it was used like a giant spoon and she may have eaten some mud along the way).

We have also introduced her to some new pets that she can watch when out in the garden – two guinea pigs that she loves to look at already. She now has two dogs, a cat and two guinea pigs that she loves to talk to then she is outdoors.



There is so much fun to be had in the garden and none of it needs to cost a penny – just helping as mummy and daddy tidy it up and get it ready for summer is enjoyable enough.


Getting out coats and shoes on and heading to the park is a great way to introduce M to new experiences – sights, sounds, textures.


Of course one of the best ways to explore and area is to put on your shoes and go for a walk. We are lucky to live next to a number of different nature trails and although M doesn’t yet walk that doesn’t stop her being able to explore the area in her pram.


She is of the age that all flowers and greenery is fascinating to her and so living on the edge of a town next to fields is a fantastic way for her to learn about the different looks, smells and textures of plants.



Even a simple walk to the shop is an exploration for M. Every wall or plant has to be examined.



We are also quite lucky to live near the sea which gives us the opportunity to look for dolphins.


Or simply just to have a nice long walk with the dogs – giving M the chance to watch many other dogs and their owners play.

M is also at the age that just having a walk down the street is a HUGE adventure – who might she see, what might she find?


We have been lucky to be sent a Brave Bones Club adventure pack which we are looking forward to using over the summer months to help us find and example insects and flowers when we are out and about and we will be documenting out journeys which you can follow here.


Find out more about the Brave Bones Club

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The Steve Backshall partnership with The Brave Bones Club, an initiative set up by Cheestrings and Yollies, is to encourage people to have safe but brave adventures, to find out more, or to join the club, visit the Brave Bones Club website.

The Brave Bones Club isn’t just for kids either! All members of the family are encouraged to take the Brave Bones Club oath and get stuck in.

Like many clubs the Brave Bones Club has a whole host of badges that you can collect as you participate in your many adventures – will you be able to collect the whole lot?


Why not take part in some of the competitions the Brave Bones club are hosting:

  • Design your own Brave Bones Club badge – Enter here!
  • Win a four-day adventure with Steve Backshall and the Brave Bones Club – Enter here!


22 weeks pregnant!

20cm long and a pound in weight!
22-spaghetti-squashAnother week has passed and I am not officially 22 weeks pregnant, though in my head I think I am only about 8 weeks! Time just seems to be whizzing by and I am so surprised to find that we are counting down the weeks rather than counting up! Only 18 more weeks!

What vegetable are you?

At 22 weeks Button is the size of a spaghetti squash (this pregnancy thing can be so educating, I had to google spaghetti squash!)

Do I feel pregnant?

I am tired but then I have been tired for years. Saying that I am starting to feel more tired when out walking and have to walk a bit slower now. We did go a nice 5 mile walk yesterday so it isn’t stopping me going places but just enough to notice.

How big is bump?



Not yet which is great news as I am sure with Molly I had swollen fingers by now.


My boobs are starting to ache even more than normal, so much for easing in the second trimester.

Tiredness, heartburn and headaches have also been regular symptoms this week.


Baby update

At 22 weeks Button is now the size of a spaghetti squash measuring in at 20 cm long ad weighing  one pound now!

Baby Button now has eyebrows, eyelashes and possible hair on his or her head and can now make out the difference between light and dark.

Sounds can be heard by Button, whether that is my voice or noises within the body.

Touch is something that Button is exploring now as the brain and nerve endings develop.


Chemist Direct Review

Bringing your chemist direct to your door

I love online shopping but generally for things like toys, cloth nappies, presents etc, but when it comes to toiletries and medical items I have always gone to the local supermarket to buy my items – I have never considered buying online. That all changed when I was given the opportunity to review an online pharmacy Chemist Direct in exchange for a voucher to spend on the website.

Chemist Direct is a GPhC registered and regulated pharmacy, meaning that it is perfectly safe and legal to order medicines online from them.

An option I found unusual and not something I had ever considered doing, but totally seeing how beneficial it could be, was ordering prescriptions online and getting them delivered to your door. In this day and age when people are busy all the time this could be a valuable option to help people who just don’t have time to pick up their prescriptions from their local pharmacy. Although I did not try this option is there is the option to get NHS, private, electronic and even pet prescriptions filled via Chemist Direct. I did have a look into the prescription section, choosing NHS prescription but was unsure how I would have done it and got my prescription for free (I live in Scotland and we don’t pay for prescriptions here) so I am not sure how useful this might be for Scottish citizens.

To have prescription filled that is not electronic you have to post the prescription to Chemist Direct so the process could take a few days so if you have a regular repeat prescription this could be an ideal way of getting your medicine without having to pop out to the pharmacy every time.

There is also an online doctor where you select a treatment for your condition, fill in a questionnaire on checkout and a doctor will review your questionnaire then you receive your treatment.

As well as medicines (prescription and non-prescritption) there are plenty of healthy and beauty products you can buy, from toothpaste to deodorant and from shampoo to bubble bath


We used the website to buy some everyday health and beauty items, saving myself a trip to the shops.

I was worried that buying shampoo and bubblebath via the post might result in burst bottles and a wet mess at the bottom of the parcel but everything came wrapped up in bubble wrap so was nice and secure.

As someone who just puts stuff in the trolly when shopping I was not sure how the prices compared with buying from our local supermarket but I have since compared the items and found that of those that I could have bought from Tesco the price was £23.14 from Chemist Direct versus £25.34 at Tesco so Chemist Direct worked out cheaper.

For the items I could not have purchased from Tesco I worked out that Chemist Direct was £29.26 versus a combined total of £32.31 which included postage and shipping cost for buying at different suppliers (Chemist Direct does free shipping over £40).


Here is what we got:IMGP1707

  • NUK baby thermometer 2 in 1
  • MAM bite and play teeth
  • Garnier Fructis sleep and shine shampoo 250ml
  • Garnier Fructis sleep and shine conditioner 250ml
  • Johnson’s baby shampoo 500ml
  • Dove Beauty Cream bar 4x100g
  • Gillette Mach3 Blades 4pack
  • Gillette Series shave gel pure and sensitive 200ml
  • Johnson baby bath 200ml +100ml free
  • Dove beauty bath indulging cream 500ml
  • Dove original deodorant roll-on 50ml
  • Sure for men quantum anti-perspirant deodorant 250ml

We ordered out shopping late on Thursday night and were surprised to find it was delivered (to the wrong house by the delivery driver and not a fault of Chemist Direct) on Saturday morning.

When I was ordering my goods I found that I was getting a little annoyed that when I added something to my basket I was brought onto a new page and when I selected to continue shopping it took me back to the home page rather than the page where I was last shopping. I have since been on the website again and noticed they have a new website which has addressed this issue, allowing you to add stuff to your basket without moving from the page you are currently browsing.

The website was clearly marked into sections for bath products, deodorants, shampoo etc so it was easy enough to find the section that you wanted. There is also the option to bulk buy goods such as baby wipes, nappy cream, deodorants etc so you can save even more money if you have the space to store items.

Would we use the website again?

Yes. I sometimes find myself going to the supermarket because I had run our of shampoo and finding myself buying so much other things that I do not need. This helps to stop that and means we can fill up our cupboards without having to go out, or breaking the bank! The new website seems to have taken away any problems we have encountered.

I am not sure I would use for prescriptions just because it means sending away prescriptions and for us it is just as easy to walk to the chemist as it is to go to the postbox.