That’s not my monkey

That’s not my monkey – Fiona Watt

93368One of our favourite series of books has to be the “That’s not my” books as they all seemed to be much loved by M.

Out of all the touchy feely books out on the market I feel that these are one of the most superior ones that you can get as, unlike some books, there is something different to feel on every page.

This book is suitable for young babies who are exploring the world for the first time and to toddlers who can understand the words and join in more with the book.

M loves it because she is a huge monkey fan and knows where each bit to feel is.

She also loves to look for the wee mouse that is features in all the pictures, a kind of hide and seek situation that keeps her focused with the book.

The images on each page are bright and bold, and so friendly looking. It causes so much giggling and smiling from M and she loves to look through it on her own all the time.

As M grows older she seems to enjoy the book more and more which is great and I love that we can discuss the names for different textures that she is feeling – the furry ones are by far the favourites of M.


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