Personal artwork anyone will love


Getting messy with some artIMGP1944

Everyday I am amazed by how much M is growing up and how her interests and skills are starting to really show and her most recent obsession is arts and crafts, especially stickers, drawing and painting so who am I to stop her having fun, especially as her “art” makes such great gifts for her family.

Just recently it was my wedding anniversary and I was stumped on what to get my hubby. With limited funds I thought I would recreate a special memory that we have, with a little help from Molly.
We got engaged in New York and I was taken to Tiffany’s to choose the proper ring. On our way there we came across the LOVE sign, which was obviously really meaningful for us at the time.

So I thought why not get some help from M and her paints to make a little reminder of that special day?

This was a really easy activity and only required a hand and her feet, some paint, a paint brush and the canvas.

Although simple and costing next to nothing to do (basically just the cost of a canvas which I got cheap from Home Bargains) it has created a wonderful and lasting memory if our time in New York and the day we got engaged.

Needless to say my husband loved it – and so do I!.



Next up with Father’s Day which I also decided to make a canvas print with as this time M could really get involved, and messy and make a lovely image for her daddy.

This was simple and just required some tape (which I should have used masking tape but only had decorative tape handy).

Tape the canvas with the design you want. In our case I love dad. Then once the tape is pushed down (which M loved doing – and pulling it back off), it is tie to paint over.

At the moment M loves to use every available colour so this became a bit of a mess and at one point I thought we would have a lovely brown mess but it turned out much better than I had hoped.

IMG_4484.JPGThe heart did not work well so I just went over it with paint.

Again it is another much loved piece of personal art that will be treasured for a long time yet.

As a bonus it give M time to enjoy painting, make a mess and to have some of her creations kept forever!




Summer is here, so get out and enjoy the water- even in Scotland

When better to take your little ones swimming than now?


As you know as a family we love swimming. M took her first dip aged 6 weeks and has never looked back. We go swimming most weeks, sometimes two or three times a week, and now that the weather is turning nice and we have just bought a few water play toys we will be using them a lot in the next few months when we are playing outside.

Although we live in Scotland it is predicted that we will be getting some hot weather and so we plan to take a few trips out to local locations to enjoy some fun in the sun whilst keeping cool in the water and to do that we will be packing some HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® – the UK’s number one swimming nappy – we even took a stash with us when we went on our summer holiday last year to Greece.

We bought a water table at the weekend and although we did not have too long to test it out I can see it will be a big hit with M and can see us stripping her to her swim nappy quite a lot over the coming months. Please sun, come out and play with us!

Of course we will be leaving our house to enjoy the sun too. So where can you go in the north-east of Scotland? Here are some ideas for you:

Sandy Sensation – Carnoustie



We haven’t been to this park yet but I have seen pictures from it and heard people talk about it and think it looks fantastic. If the sun comes out this week this is where we will be headed as I just can’t wait to take M here. She will love it!

Sandy Sensations also includes an impressive play area with climbing walls, zip wire and rope bridges leading to a castle like structure offering fun for both toddlers and older children.

Seaside Splash – Montrose



We have visited this park a few times but the weather has been too cold for us to enjoy the water part of the park so hopefully we will get to play in the water in the coming weeks. M has been very keen to get stuck into the water but since we were wearing hats and warm coats we have’t been across to that part with her yet. I will admit that me and hubby have had a play in the water area before, long before M was on the go! Certainly worth a visit, especially if the weather it nice!

As well as water play there are plenty of climbing frames, swings and sand toys to keep your child entertained.

Stonehaven Open Air Swimming Pool – Stonehaven


This has to be one of my favourite places I remember going when I was young. The Stonehaven outdoor pool is filled with heated salt water and is a great place to take youngster to get a real good swim in the water, whist staying safe. There is a water slide in the deep end and there can be special inflatable events.

Avoiding leaks when swimming

Of course having fun when in the water is great but having a swim nappy that contains any little accidents, helping prevent embarrassing mishaps, is an essential part of the swimming kit.  We wear ours under a swimming costume but the nappies have bright designs on them and so can quite easily be worn on their own.

Getting the on and off are a breeze – they pull on like a pair of pants and you can rip the sides of them to take them off. It really is easy and we have had no problems getting them on or off at any point since M was a wee dot and swimming.


For practical advice, support videos and a step-by-step guide to baby swimming, visit



We were sent a packet of swimming nappies but all opinions are our own



Weekend Book Club

Share your book loves (and hates) in the Weekend Book Club


Welcome to yet another week of the #weekendbookclub which is hosted by myself as well as Suz over at Beauisblue and Sarah over at Letthembesmall. This is a great linky that is only works if people comment on other posts in the linky so can I remind people to comment on at least two, but as many other posts as possible.

The reason for the Weekend Book Club is so that you can let us know what you have been reading, or what your children has been reading. Do you have a book you love? Loathe? Think was okay? Then share your reviews with us here.

You may be looking for ideas on what to read yourself or what to get your child so all book reviews and book related posts are encouraged.

Since I started this linky I have come across so many book ideas for M or I to read and I can’t wait to find more and more books to add to our “to-read” list.

So welcome to the Weekend Book Club. Join in sharing what you have been reading with us each Saturday to Monday.

If you share your links on Twitter use #weekendbookclub or tweet @trainingmummy, @beauisblue or @MsSBurns and we will do our best to retweet your posts.


  • You can share as many links as you want, old or new.
  • Books can be for anyone from babies to pensioners.
  • Grab the badge below and post it on your posts.
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  • A linky isn’t a linky unless you visit other people’s links, please do.

The linky will open each Saturday and will close on a Monday.

Weekend Book Club

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Emergency Rescue!

Noisy siren fun!


Emergency Rescue – littletigerkids


I am not sure about you but I don’t know any toddler who is not fascinated by emergency vehicles and, more importantly, the noise of their sirens – I know I was as a kid.

Emergency Rescue is the perfect 14 page board book for any pre-school kid who is wanting to find out more about emergency vehicles (although the pictures used were more American than British).

The book focuses on the different functions of each of the vehicles – fire engines carry hoses, are driven by firefighters who wear special uniforms or that emergency helicopters can be used in a variety of emergencies and that the rotors spin constantly to keep it in the air.

There is so much you can talk about on each page beyond what is actually written, making kids, and adults, think about different scenarios and which emergency service might be needed in that emergency.

Of course one of the parts that children will love is the noise button that you can press on each page, sounding a siren (yes M has found this and will play with it constantly – especially on the car when the last thing you want to hear is a siren!).

Personally I would have preferred the emergency vehicles used to be British ones that are more recognisable to children in the UK, however this might work out as a good thing as a discussion about how emergency vehicles look different in other countries could produce a lot of material.

Emergency Rescue can be purchased from Little Tiger for £6.99.



I was sent this book for the purposes of this review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Weekend Book Club

26 weeks pregnant

26 weeks and the size of an aubergine


On Wednesday we reached another week of pregnancy meaning we have now reached 26 weeks, our last week of the second trimester! This time next week I will be seven months pregnant and in the third trimester. Can not believe just how quickly this pregnancy is going and that at 26 weeks I still have my rings on!

What vegetable are you?

At 26 weeks Button has now grown to be the size of an aubergine around 36 cm in length and 1.75lb in weight!


Still none! I think this is the thing I am most happy about at the moment as last time I had so much selling it was unreal. My rings stopped fitting very early on and I had to buy new shoes as nothing fit!


Nothing new has occurred since my previous post – boobs hurt, heartburn, faintness, tiredness etc.

My ribs have been sorer than they have been but this is just a tiredness things rather than rib flare like last pregnancy which is a relief.

Baby update

At 26 weeks Button’s lungs and brain are developing well and Button can now detect changes in light as well as hearing far more than it has been. His or her eyes are able to open and it is able to move about so much more than previously (oh how true this is).


Toddler’s togs – 3

Hello Kitty jumper


One thing that we tend never to have enough of is jumpers and cardigans so when I was in Morrisons recently I could not resist buying a jumper with Hello Kitty on it which I found on the sale rack.

I have to admit that despite almost always finding clothing that we love at Morrisons it is a shop that we all to often forget about (our closest store does not stock any and they don’t sell online unfortunately).


Nutmeg at Morrisons –  Hello Kitty jumper: £4.50

I love Hello Kitty and have always snapped up clothing that features Hello Kitty on it but what I really loved about this jumper was the purple colour.

As I say this was in the sale and so for £4.50 we got a superbly made jumper. The quality is great.

I got the 12-18 month size and this fits M perfectly which I would say means it is smaller made than many shops as she tends to only wear 9-12 months for jumpers. That said I can see her wearing this a lot over the next few months so we have definitely got our money’s worth with it (I know it is summer but we live in Scotland!).

The sleeves of this has lilac hearts that are printed on and the two smaller characters at the front (Rory and Fifi) are also printed on.

Hello Kitty herself is embroidered on and filled with fluffy “fur” material and has a gold sparkly bow. The text at the top of the jumper is also embroidered on.

Overall I think this is a great quality jumper and would easily have paid more than what I did to buy this.


George at Asda – Part of a multi pack that we were gifted for her Christmas so no longer for sale.

Leggings are a staple in M’s wardrobe but we love these ones as mustard is not a colour we have really ever chosen for her.

The bottom of the leggings have a pretty frill that I think add to the overall look of the legging and just make them really girly.

I also love the black dots on these.


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