Toddler’s Togs – 6

My pretty little flower

For Christmas and M’s birthday she was gifted a lot of pretty clothing in size 12-18 months and now, aged almost 18 months we are starting to get to wear some of the clothing.

IMG_4712.JPGThis outfit came as a top and leggings and was from ASDA George aIMG_4705.JPG nd I love it. The colours of the flowers really come out against the background of the navy.

The top has a tier at the back so I can tie it to fit round M’s waist nicey and the fabric is a nice soft cotton.

As it is summer in Scotland we layered the top with a long sleeved top, obviously, which I think the yellow fit in quite well with it.

The fitted nature of the top add a little extra touch, adding more dimension to the top.

What I like about the leggings is that, unlike so many other brands, these ones actually fit lie leggings on M. She has got ridiculously skinny legs and most leggings look more like trousers then leggings when we put them on her. Also they fit on her waist a bit better than most.

The sandals are from Mothercare (£12) and we love them. We had these in a size 2 when M was younger and I was so sad when she out grew them that I just had to buy them in the next size for her.

The front of the sandal has a heart cut out and I just love them. It is a pity that I could not predict what size of feet M would have next summer or I would be buying some more sandals for her in that size too!

When she wears these sandals we get so many comments from people who admire her shoes.

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31 weeks pregnant

Blood pressure, sickness and tiredness


It has been a while since I did a pregnancy update. I have been too tired, too busy or just too unwell to write much but I have finally found some time to sit down and write a wee update.

The last update I did was when I was 25 weeks pregnant, oops didn’t realise it had been that long!, and in that time we have had a good few midwife appointments.

At the 28 week appointment with the midwife it was found that my blood pressure was raised (140/80) although the student first got it to be 140/100, so I have now been asked to come in for blood pressure checks every two weeks. At that appointment I has had protein in my urine so it was looking like pre-eclampsia could be rearing it’s ugly head! They also found I had a urine infection so all in all the 28 week appointment as a bit of a disaster.


Fast forward a couple of weeks and I had a blood pressure appointment at 30 weeks and thankfully my blood pressure has gone down (118/78) so that is positive and my urine was also clear so I am hoping that the high blood pressure at 28 weeks was a blip (on the way to the appointment M feel and really banged her head on the carpark which made me feel sick from the sound so it could have been that).

As well as having a urine infection, which I did not really notice I had and would not have known if the midwife had not phoned to ask if I had any symptoms (a week after the urine test), I have had a stomach bug which really made me feel miserable. Thankfully that passed after a couple of days and now I feel so much better.

That said with nine weeks to go I will admit I am now getting very tired and very ready to meet this little one!

What vegetable are you?

At 31 weeks I am now carrying a coconut and baby now weights over 3lbs (3lb 3oz approximately) and is now around 41cm long! Not much more growing left now.


With my raised blood pressure and protein in my urine at 28 weeks I had fully expected swelling to be all the range right now but strangely I am STILL wearing my wedding rings!!! Even if I had to take them off tomorrow I would be so happy to have just been able to wear them this long. Last time we are sure I had taken them off before the 20 weeks scan (using every method known to man to try and get them off without chopping off my fingers).



Heartburn. Need a say more. Awful, dreadful, painful heartburn.

My ribs have been pretty sore for about a month now but they do seem to be easing a bit and are certainly now as bad as when I had rib flare when I was pregnant with M.

Baby update

At 31 weeks Button will be gaining weight by growing body fat. Button’s skin will also be becoming less red and more pink in colour.

His or her iris’ can now dilate  in response to light changes.

At this stage in development baby is having longer sleeping periods which would explain why I don’t feel it move for longer periods of time (which Button then makes up for later when he or she awakens!).

Play and learn colours (Priddy Books)

Fun ways to teach colours

Play and learn colours – Roger Priddy

Learning has to be fun for a child to pay attention and pick things up and one way M loves to learn is to spend time talking with a book. Play and learn colours is a great board book that allows her to do all the things she loves the most – talk, play and read.

The front cover really took M’s interest when we got this book as it features an indented circle in the middle of the page that provided her with 3D fun (the circle is cut out on each page within the book so indents inwards).


We have a few first 100 word books but I really don’t think you can have too many. This one is slightly different than the others that we have as this has some fun things to do on each page, from sliding tabs, to touch and feely parts,  or a wonderful colour wheel that spins!

Each page features a different colour with photographs and words to go with a number of different images within that colour – green broccoli, red rose, blue shoes etc.

M loves this book because it has things for her little hands to play with and she especially loves the colour wheel at the back which she spins round and round for ages!


She loves pointing at each image for me to tell her what they are and constantly moves from one page to another before going back to the beginning again.

I have had a few tears when I have put this book away so we can go out, or have tea, which I think goes to show how loved it is by M and I can see us using this book a lot over the years to help with her vocabulary and colour recognition.


Toddler’s togs – 5

How grown up does she look

So it has been a while since I did a fashion feature for M as we have been just so busy or I have been too tired to post anything but when I put M in this outfit today I just had to take a few pictures as she looks so very cute and grown up in it.


The top is an old one that we bought from Tesco months ago, probably around Christmas time and despite it being a 6-9 months top it still fits M well enough.

When this top was out the had some lovely colours in store, lilacs and mint greens which was a welcome change from all the pink that they always stock. Don’t get me wrong, I love pink, but sometimes a change from pink is good and I love seeing M in colours other thank bright or pastel pinks.

I love the flower on this top, it just adds lovely wee touch to it (even if it is pink and I was just saying I liked a change from pink lol).


£7.50 – £8.50 – from Next (for a dark denim version)

An item that can be found in a lot of female’s wardrobes is a denim skirt. No matter what the weather is a denim skirt if a welcome addition to any little girl’s (or big kid’s) wardrobe as it can be worn with tights in the winter or with bare legs in the summer (or what you get of summer when you are in Scotland).

We bought this skirt a while back and what I love about it (and is much needed for M) is the elasticated waistband which can be adjusted. This is great as this is a size 6-9 month skirt from Next and it is still on one of the smallest waistband settings.

Although you can’t buy this skirt from Next anymore they have a dark denim skirt available which look very similar.


I have no idea where these socks came from but they would most probably have been from ASDA or Tesco.


Sketchers: £28.99 from Amazon

Okay I will admit this now. The reason I wanted pictures of this outfit was because of the shoes that we got today. At there moment M is in an in-between size of shoes at 3.5 so it is hard to find many shoes for her that are not Clarks. I thought I would order these as they were a size 4 and yes they are too big for M but that didn’t stop her wanting to wear them all day.

I love bright colours and so I just had to order these, one side is blue and purple and the other side of the shoe is yellow and orange. The toes of the shoes have three lights on them which light up whilst M walks (or stomps her feet because she realises that activates the lights too).

When I opened the box all I got was an excited “ooooooooooooooo” from M who just couldn’t wait for me to take then out and put them on her feet.

They are wide shoes so I have to velcro (which is pink glitter with a sparkly bow) them closed tightly as M has narrow feet but she found no problem in walking round the house all day in them.

I was just disappointed that the size 4 I ordered was a toddler 4 and not an adult 4!

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One, two, baa, moo – Little Tiger Kids

Great first book of counting

one two baa mooOne, Two, Baa, Moo – Little Tiger Kids

Having books that help to educate Molly whilst still being fun is something that we love to have at the moment, especially if they have something that keeps M’s attention as well so when we were offered a copy of One, Two, Baa, Moo – A pop-up book of counting – we just couldn’t say no.

This is a 12 page book which has incredible pop up sections on each double page spread, featuring a different farm animal to count on each page. As well as having such great pop-up sections there is also a lovely and catchy poem that takes you through the counting of each animal on the page – so lovely that I find myself singing the story rather than just reading it.

As with all Little Tiger Kids books the book is illustrated well and used nice and bright illustrations that really keep M’s attention.

It is a great book that allows M and I to talk about things on each page, from the animals features, to what noise they make or what they like to eat.

M loves to open and close the pages so that the animals move, especially the Three chirpy chicks whose beaks open and close when she does this.

This is a great book to use when first introducing numbers but is equally as good a book if all you want is a lovely wee story to read at bed time.


We were sent this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are ours and ours alone.


Learning British sign language with Flashsticks

A quick and easy way to learn British Sign Language

When I was in Primary 4 or 5 we learnt to sign the alphabet at school and to this day I can remember how to do it but until now, despite being hugely interested in British Sign Language, I have never looked any further into learning the language so when I was given the opportunity to become a FlashStick Blogger I jumped at the chance.

To help me learn British Sign Language I was sent a Starter Pack containing 100 unique words printed on individual Post-It notes which you can stick around your home or office to help you learn different signs for different situations.

As well as the Post-It notes you also get access to a free app which has a video tutor on it so you can make sure you are doing the actions correct (or pronunciations if you have chosen a vocal language).

I am working my way though the beginner level of British Sign Language which is suitable for adult and child learners and fits into key stage 1-2.

What I particularly love about this program is that you don’t have to sit down and study for hours, with books and pens. Instead you have sticky post-it notes that you can put around the home to help you learn one or two words at a time.

Another bonus is that this is helpful for teaching M another language too. Actions and gestures are some of the first ways that children communicate and I definitely realise that M picks up signs so much faster than words – which of course means we sign wind the bobbin up all day long (no I am not complaining AT ALL). This means that she can join in to and make communicating so much easier than before.

Part of me regrets not doing this sooner, from birth with M, as she would be so much more fluent that now but you are never too late to learn and it will mean I can use it with Button when he or she is born in September time.

The beginner pack covers 100 words and each post-it note has the word, an image and a written description on how to sign the word you want to learn.

The iPhone app works wonders (although the first time I tried it would not load which is ost probably down to my internet than the app). It is reassuring to watch each word being signed at least once so you can get a real idea on whether you are doing it right or not.

We were sent this packet of Flashsticks for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.