Had a little girl in February 2014 by emergency section and now taking each day to cuddle, giggle, learn and have fun.

Being a mum is not easy and we are using this blog to help us remember what early year’s parenting was like in years to come (and for when we have the next baby). It will also be used to help other parents who may have some of the same problems as us, or who have been researching the latest products.

At the moment our little family is made up of myself, Shona, my husband and our daughter Molly. Hopefully, in the not to near future, we will be growing our family.

Before becoming a mum I worked as a journalist in a local newspaper and when I wasn’t doing that I was out walking my dogs or window shopping.

We are always willing to work with companies who would like their products reviewed. Get in touch with us at trainingtobeamummy@gmail.com or use the form bellow:

If I am not knee high in nappies/covered in milk, I should be able to get back to you as soon as possible.

We have worked with a few companies so far, including Gummee Glove and Hotel Chocolat but would be keen to work with more companies who would be looking for an adult and a baby to test their products to the max.


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