We braved a toddler group but will we go back?

My first but maybe last toddler group

For sometime now, well for almost a year since Molly was born, I have been talking about going to a mum and baby/toddler group but for numerous reasons I have not really managed yet, that was until this week.


Where we stay all the groups seems to take place at 9.30am which has been problematic for us as Molly hadn’t been getting up until 10am, so by the time we are ready to leave the house the group has almost finished.

There have been times that Molly had been up but nerves for the better of me and so I ended up finding something else to do, rather than to go to the group. I am shy. I hate meeting people for the first time. I can be socially anxious. I have used these as excuses.

Regardless of how I felt I decided that it was time I got out and took Molly to groups as she is brilliant around adults, and other children (if they are out with her personal space) but she can get upset and anxious when babies or toddlers get too close up to her.

So off I went to the first groupĀ and at first it seemed fine. I was uncomfortable being in a room of strangers but Molly seemed to be enjoying herself. She chose to play in the small ball pit and was happily playing with the balls when another girl took a run and dive into the pit landing right on top of and toppling over Molly. Her mum said nothing even when Molly got upset and was crying. This same girl then used Molly’s ankle as a tool to push herself to standing. Even when I asked to her to move her hand she wouldn’t and I had to remove her hand from Molly’s ankle as I was scared it would hurt her.

Molly then went to play with a box of toys that no-one else was playing with but a boy who was playing at a toy beside her decided he didn’t want her there so stood up, went over Molly and pushed her over! She fell and banged her head against a wooden dolls house. His mum also said nothing!

This has totally backfired on my plays to make Molly realise she doesn’t need to be worried about other children and that they won’t hurt her. These were the only two kids who she had any interactions with and each interaction ended in disaster.

Thankfully the two hours eventually ended and we went home. I went home wondering if I would go back and having slept on it I am not sure I will. Maybe this it is the case in all toddler groups that mums don’t feel the need to control their children or reprimand them if they hurt a baby but I am not happy going back to a group that I know it can happen in.

I am a mum who hovers around my child. I have read blog posts that would describe me as being a “precious parent” but I know Molly can be a bit heavy handed when excited so I would rather be precious than have Molly hurt another child. I wish more parents would be like that.

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