Personal artwork anyone will love


Getting messy with some artIMGP1944

Everyday I am amazed by how much M is growing up and how her interests and skills are starting to really show and her most recent obsession is arts and crafts, especially stickers, drawing and painting so who am I to stop her having fun, especially as her “art” makes such great gifts for her family.

Just recently it was my wedding anniversary and I was stumped on what to get my hubby. With limited funds I thought I would recreate a special memory that we have, with a little help from Molly.
We got engaged in New York and I was taken to Tiffany’s to choose the proper ring. On our way there we came across the LOVE sign, which was obviously really meaningful for us at the time.

So I thought why not get some help from M and her paints to make a little reminder of that special day?

This was a really easy activity and only required a hand and her feet, some paint, a paint brush and the canvas.

Although simple and costing next to nothing to do (basically just the cost of a canvas which I got cheap from Home Bargains) it has created a wonderful and lasting memory if our time in New York and the day we got engaged.

Needless to say my husband loved it – and so do I!.



Next up with Father’s Day which I also decided to make a canvas print with as this time M could really get involved, and messy and make a lovely image for her daddy.

This was simple and just required some tape (which I should have used masking tape but only had decorative tape handy).

Tape the canvas with the design you want. In our case I love dad. Then once the tape is pushed down (which M loved doing – and pulling it back off), it is tie to paint over.

At the moment M loves to use every available colour so this became a bit of a mess and at one point I thought we would have a lovely brown mess but it turned out much better than I had hoped.

IMG_4484.JPGThe heart did not work well so I just went over it with paint.

Again it is another much loved piece of personal art that will be treasured for a long time yet.

As a bonus it give M time to enjoy painting, make a mess and to have some of her creations kept forever!




Valentine’s Jam J-art

Valentine’s Jam Jar Art

Old jam jars need not be thrown out into the recycling waste when there are so many ways to recycle them at home.

Over at Think Money they have created a list of 101 things to do with a jam jar as part of their Jam J-art campaign to show you different things you can do with an empty jam jar.

We were sent a jam jar a wee whiley ago which Molly and I have used to create a personal Valentine’s day gift for my husband.

Molly got busy with some drawing as she has recently discovered the delights of crayons and loves nothing more than making artistic(!) creation on paper, the floor, books etc.


Once she had finished her latest creation I used my Sizzix Big Shot machine to create a flower using her scribbles. This machine is a great creation for arts and crafts and has been used so often since I bought it to make my wedding cards. To make the flower I used the 3-D flower die using her drawing as the paper to be cut.



As you can see the colouring-in is on the outside of the flower (maybe this would have been better on the inside so you can see it easier? I then glued a heart button on the middle.


I then went about creating the design using Sharpie pens. I put the message “Happy Valentine’s” round the upper part if the jar and then drew some images that I knew my husband would love.



There were hearts, for obvious reasons. It is Valentine’s day after all so hearts have to be included in there somewhere!



Further round I drew some Bumble Bees flying from their hive. I chose this has when I was pregnant with Molly we called her Bumble so we have had a great love of all things Bumble Bee since then. Since this was from Molly it was also a lot more sentimental.



The third part of the design was the obvious No. 1 Daddy, because that is exactly what he is to her.

Have you ever used jam jars for craft? What did you make?

For more Jam J-art ideas visit their Pinterest board .


Let Them Be Small

Creative Doodling and Beyond

You don’t need to be an artist to doodle

I am not a drawer but would love to learn so when I saw the book Creative Doodling and Beyond by Stephanie Corfee in a charity shop for £2 I snapped it up.


The book, as hinted by the title, is about doodling, and as I have Molly to look after and don’t want to spend my spare time with something too complex I hoped this would be a perfect way for me to get creative without having to concentrate too hard.

What I loved about the book was that as well as giving you ideas on how to doodle it provided lots of pages for you to practice in. Great if you don’t always have a stash of paper lying about.

The book shows you how to do borders, letters, numbers or full page doodles as well as adding colour to your doodles.


As you advance to the later pages it has project ideas for you, a few that I will definitely be doing with Molly at some point in the future.

After a few practises on the book I decided to try a picture for Molly. I am not 100% convinced I like it but for now I will put it in a frame in Molly’s bedroom until I can make a better one.


I would recommend the book to anyone who wants something to do, that they can pick up and put down without having to worry too much about the final result. I have very limited drawing abilities so it does not require a degree in art to do.

Weekend Book Club Frame it Friday

Baby Christmas card crafts



Christmas cards and festive cheer

This is Molly’s first Christmas so we wanted to make some personalised Christmas cards with her help. So with a few bits of card, some paint, and some willing little feet, we set about the task of crafting.

We used some poster paints and some left over card from when we made our wedding cards so the project was very cheap, if we had to buy the items it would have cost us a couple of pounds for all the cards we needed but looked so cute.



A made a batch of green and brown feet so I could have a selection of cards to choose from – I got my ideas from Pinterest as they were so cute.


With the green footprints I made some Christmas tree cards and some “Mistletoes”. I think they look so cute. I added some finishing touches with tape and decorative rollers that I got from Lidls earlier this month. I wish I had bought more as there were non-Christmas ones which would have been great for birthday cards!


With the brown feet I couldn’t resist making reindeer cards. Molly has a reindeer snow suit which she looks adorable in so these are extra special to me. I added some googly eyes and a heard button for a nose (I was going to use pompoms but the shop were out of all the red ones so I got buttons as an emergency, I love the buttons so I am glad).

With the reindeer, Christmas tree and Mistletoe cards I added decorative touches with some sharpie pens that I had got cheap during the summer.

The only problem is that we did this, as we do with everything, very last minute so fingers crossed the cards get to people in time!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Christmas decorations



Bringing a little Santa to our Christmas decorations


Santa Claus is coming to town, Santa Claus is coming to town, Santa Claus is coming to my Christmas tree!

Back in October I set about to make some memories by making some salt dough hand and foot prints. Until recently they remains plain salt dough but as it is Christmas I thought it would be good to use some of the ideas shared on the Christmas Linky to make Christmas decorations that I would treasure for ever.

I had seen an idea on Pinterest before and when I saw the linkys from Everything Mummy and Owl Crazy Mummy  I just had to do a little Santa hand myself.

To so this I coloured in Santa’s hat, face  and the background with with Sharpie pens which meant there was next to no mess and then used poster paint to make his beard and bauble on his hat white.

I will varnish it before we pack it away for next year. I love it.

I think we will be making many more salt dough memories in the coming years as it is so cheap and easy to make.

How to make salt dough:

2 cups plain flour

1 salt

1 cup water

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until you have a dough. We then rolled the dough to the desired thickness (probably about half a centimetre) before trying to coax Molly into making a handprint (not as easy as you might think).

Once I had a couple of prints I put them in the oven for 3 hours at 100 degrees.

Because it was salty we made sure to wash Molly’s hands straight away to ensure she didn’t eat any.

Christmas crafts – card making with footprints

I am a great fan of Pintrest and have hundreds of projects that I need to get going with some of them. As it is almost December I have decided that I will get going with some Christmas crafts.

The first thing I am doing is making Christmas cards using Molly’s footprints.

As this is Molly’s first Christmas I thought that footprints would be perfect as they are cute and will be a permanent reminder of how small her feet were in years to come.

[pin url=]

So I have started to make this. It took seconds to do, although Molly wasn’t overly co-operative with the matter so I only got a few footprints this time round.

I used normal poster paints for her feet. This dried in seconds. For the star, baubles and tinsel I used Sharpies permanent markers.

christmas card


This was such a simple card to make. I will cut round the feet and put that only some green card along with a “Merry Christmas” greeting.

I have also planned to do some “Mistletoes” cards but will need to have more attempts of footprints.

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