Sewing a taggie blanket for a baby – a first attempt

My latest baby make is available over here:

Sewing a taggie blanket for a baby – a first attempt.


Vango Airbeam Genesis 500

Tenting in Scotland


When walking into a camping shop to browse tents I did not expect to be blown away by a method of erecting a tent but I was when I was introduced to the Vango Airbeam Genesis 500.

Pitching a tent has always been about poles so imagine how interested we were to hear that one particular tent in the showroom was inflatable!

We had not planned to buy a tent but after hearing it was inflatable (we love gadgets and gizmos so this was very appealing to us) and that it can be erected in 5 minutes we were sold. Okay so 5 minutes is maybe a bit of a push but it isn’t too far off that (maybe 10-15 minutes up and ready to sleep in).

The great thing about this tent is that it can be erected, quickly, with only one person so this saves on arguments. The…

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