Toddler’s Togs – 7

Gifts often make the best clothing

Sometimes some of the best items of clothing are chosen by others and often this is the case with M’s clothing.


This week Molly has on a pair of leggings that I would most probably not have chosen to buy if I had seen them (I don’t often buy black clothing) but these are so cute on M and the touches of colours throughout the black make them really pop out.
Boots, a gift: The leggings are from Boots and are 12-18 months. We just tried these on M now she is 18 months and they are still a little too big for her.
Indeed the leggings are less leggings than baggy trousers but this doesn’t detract from them.
The waist of these certainly are too wide for M but thankfully they are not too wide that they have fallen down, yet.
Boots is somewhere I often forget about when it comes to getting clothing and I really need to look there more often as they have so many lovely designs.
Homemade: Well I love this jumper and I am proud to say that I knitted it with my own fair hands!
This is one of my favourite knits and she has been wearing it for a good 6 months now.
I borrowed the pattern from my mum and I may have to borrow it again so I can knit another in a different colour.
Sketchers: £28.99 from Amazon: I have featured the trainers before and they are definitely M’s go to shoes of the moment (unless you count her wellies that she can’t actually walk in).
She gets so many comments about these wherever we go and I very much love them! Think she will be getting a lot more pairs in the years to come, especially if they are on sale.
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Toddler’s Togs – 6

My pretty little flower

For Christmas and M’s birthday she was gifted a lot of pretty clothing in size 12-18 months and now, aged almost 18 months we are starting to get to wear some of the clothing.

IMG_4712.JPGThis outfit came as a top and leggings and was from ASDA George aIMG_4705.JPG nd I love it. The colours of the flowers really come out against the background of the navy.

The top has a tier at the back so I can tie it to fit round M’s waist nicey and the fabric is a nice soft cotton.

As it is summer in Scotland we layered the top with a long sleeved top, obviously, which I think the yellow fit in quite well with it.

The fitted nature of the top add a little extra touch, adding more dimension to the top.

What I like about the leggings is that, unlike so many other brands, these ones actually fit lie leggings on M. She has got ridiculously skinny legs and most leggings look more like trousers then leggings when we put them on her. Also they fit on her waist a bit better than most.

The sandals are from Mothercare (£12) and we love them. We had these in a size 2 when M was younger and I was so sad when she out grew them that I just had to buy them in the next size for her.

The front of the sandal has a heart cut out and I just love them. It is a pity that I could not predict what size of feet M would have next summer or I would be buying some more sandals for her in that size too!

When she wears these sandals we get so many comments from people who admire her shoes.

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Toddler’s togs – 5

How grown up does she look

So it has been a while since I did a fashion feature for M as we have been just so busy or I have been too tired to post anything but when I put M in this outfit today I just had to take a few pictures as she looks so very cute and grown up in it.


The top is an old one that we bought from Tesco months ago, probably around Christmas time and despite it being a 6-9 months top it still fits M well enough.

When this top was out the had some lovely colours in store, lilacs and mint greens which was a welcome change from all the pink that they always stock. Don’t get me wrong, I love pink, but sometimes a change from pink is good and I love seeing M in colours other thank bright or pastel pinks.

I love the flower on this top, it just adds lovely wee touch to it (even if it is pink and I was just saying I liked a change from pink lol).


£7.50 – £8.50 – from Next (for a dark denim version)

An item that can be found in a lot of female’s wardrobes is a denim skirt. No matter what the weather is a denim skirt if a welcome addition to any little girl’s (or big kid’s) wardrobe as it can be worn with tights in the winter or with bare legs in the summer (or what you get of summer when you are in Scotland).

We bought this skirt a while back and what I love about it (and is much needed for M) is the elasticated waistband which can be adjusted. This is great as this is a size 6-9 month skirt from Next and it is still on one of the smallest waistband settings.

Although you can’t buy this skirt from Next anymore they have a dark denim skirt available which look very similar.


I have no idea where these socks came from but they would most probably have been from ASDA or Tesco.


Sketchers: £28.99 from Amazon

Okay I will admit this now. The reason I wanted pictures of this outfit was because of the shoes that we got today. At there moment M is in an in-between size of shoes at 3.5 so it is hard to find many shoes for her that are not Clarks. I thought I would order these as they were a size 4 and yes they are too big for M but that didn’t stop her wanting to wear them all day.

I love bright colours and so I just had to order these, one side is blue and purple and the other side of the shoe is yellow and orange. The toes of the shoes have three lights on them which light up whilst M walks (or stomps her feet because she realises that activates the lights too).

When I opened the box all I got was an excited “ooooooooooooooo” from M who just couldn’t wait for me to take then out and put them on her feet.

They are wide shoes so I have to velcro (which is pink glitter with a sparkly bow) them closed tightly as M has narrow feet but she found no problem in walking round the house all day in them.

I was just disappointed that the size 4 I ordered was a toddler 4 and not an adult 4!

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Toddler’s togs – 4

Cheeky little mouse!


Next – We got this in the January sales so it is no longer for sale.

This is a nice thin jumper that is great for this time of the year then it is not quite warm enough for a t-shirt but too warm for a wooly jumper.

I love this top as the mouse design has embroidered sections over it which add to the overall design. Also there is a tail embroidered at the back of the jumper which I think is dead cute.

The head as a couple of button to help make it easier to put on, although at the moment it is unnecessary for us to have to undo these.

I just think this is cute as I love pink and red combined I think it makes for a lovely top that I can see M wearing a lot over the coming months, until the top is too small for her!

Her first pair of jeans make her look so grown up!

Primark – This was part of a birthday gift for M.

This is the first pair of jeans that M has ever worn and realistically they are still far too big for her (12-18 months). Thankfully they come with an elasticated waist band that is adjustable so we pulled it onto the tightest setting which fit over her cloth nappy well enough and we turned up the bottom of the trousers so she wouldn’t trip on them.

I have to say that I think M looks so grown up with jeans on but can’t believe I waited this long to get her into a pair.

Both the front and back pockets have heart sticking to add a little something extra to the design of the jeans and takes a plain pair of jeans and makes them just a little bit more girly. IMGP1962


Overall the jeans, I would say, would be suited more to a skinny toddler, which M is, and I am not so sure how they would fit with chunkier legs.




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Toddler’s togs – 3

Hello Kitty jumper


One thing that we tend never to have enough of is jumpers and cardigans so when I was in Morrisons recently I could not resist buying a jumper with Hello Kitty on it which I found on the sale rack.

I have to admit that despite almost always finding clothing that we love at Morrisons it is a shop that we all to often forget about (our closest store does not stock any and they don’t sell online unfortunately).


Nutmeg at Morrisons –  Hello Kitty jumper: £4.50

I love Hello Kitty and have always snapped up clothing that features Hello Kitty on it but what I really loved about this jumper was the purple colour.

As I say this was in the sale and so for £4.50 we got a superbly made jumper. The quality is great.

I got the 12-18 month size and this fits M perfectly which I would say means it is smaller made than many shops as she tends to only wear 9-12 months for jumpers. That said I can see her wearing this a lot over the next few months so we have definitely got our money’s worth with it (I know it is summer but we live in Scotland!).

The sleeves of this has lilac hearts that are printed on and the two smaller characters at the front (Rory and Fifi) are also printed on.

Hello Kitty herself is embroidered on and filled with fluffy “fur” material and has a gold sparkly bow. The text at the top of the jumper is also embroidered on.

Overall I think this is a great quality jumper and would easily have paid more than what I did to buy this.


George at Asda – Part of a multi pack that we were gifted for her Christmas so no longer for sale.

Leggings are a staple in M’s wardrobe but we love these ones as mustard is not a colour we have really ever chosen for her.

The bottom of the leggings have a pretty frill that I think add to the overall look of the legging and just make them really girly.

I also love the black dots on these.


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Toddler’s togs – 2

Having fun in a floral playsuit


This week I have chosen this beautiful floral playsuit that I just loved the minute I put it on M.

I chose the 12-18 month playsuit although M tends to still wear 9-12 month clothing even at 16 months. This is a bit long on the legs at the moment so she has struggled to walk in them as they get caught in her foot but when she has shoes on she has no problem.


F&F Floral Print Jersey playsuit: £8

We are loving Tesco for their kids clothing at the moment. There are some really great clothes out there and they are such good value for money. When I saw this I just had to put it in my trolley.

Although this is long legged it is still ideal for the summer months as the fabric is nice and thin and so great for hot days that you want to over up a wee bit.

IMGP1874The back has three button to help make this easy to put on and the legs have poppers for easy nappy changes.

The legs have elasticated cuff though this didn’t really help M as they still ended up being too long and covering her feet.

The straps are finished off with some delicate bows which I think are dead cute


As it was a bit colder when M wore this outfit I kept her vest on. This was a vest that is part of a multipack but I do not know where I got it from.


We got given these as a present for M a few months ago from a friend so I don’t know where they got them from but they are so cute and stay on her feet well when in the house.

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