#JanStreakers – starting the New Year with some movement


I have been saying for a while that I am going to get fit and I started to do just this a week ago. My aim for each day is to, where possible, walk 10,000 steps. Some days I will manage and others, like today, I won’t but as long as I try to get out each day to do something then I will be happy.

To help manage this I have started to walk both my dogs separately, meaning I have to walk twice as far.

So for the week so far I have managed as follows:

Monday – 10,083 steps

Tuesday – 10,370 steps

Wednesday – 2,979 steps (Hogmanay, up at parents (90 miles round trip) so had a day indoors playing with Molly)

Thursday – 5,224 steps (at 21:20 on New Year’s day. Another long car ride (3 hours in total) and indoors fun with other set of grand-parents).

This has not been the best of weeks so far but finding that with the holidays being here it is harder to find time to do anything as I have spent a lot of time in cars lately. It will be a lot easier now that Christmas and New Year are out of the way and our routine is back in order.

I have also joined up with some other bloggers and Tweeters who have been taking part in #JanStreakers to help get active this January. I saw the idea over at Plutonium Sox so thought I had nothing to lose by joining in, other than some weight maybe!



Walking in the local countryside

It is time to get walking and lose weight

Over nine and a half months ago I gave birth. Within weeks I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight but now, months on, I am still at the same weight.

I would be happy if I had been a normal weight before I was pregnant but I am not and I need to lose weight, and I need to lose weight right now.



I have spoken about losing weight in the past here, here and here but I have yet managed to really stick to any real regime but for the last two days I have enjoyed going out for a walk at our local nature reserve.

The walk is lovely and one we used to enjoy with the dogs before we had Molly and for some reason we just haven’t kept going. That was until I suggest to a local Facebook group that I have set up for local mums to meet and walk that we went round the loch.

On Thursday I set off in a dull but dry day but as I got closer to the loch it got wetter and wetter so I fully expected to be the only person to attend the walk, which was fine as I had my dogs and Molly for company.

When I got to the car park another local mummy had turned up with her 10 week old and it was lovely to get to know another mum whilst enjoying the scenery and getting some fresh air.

We were so lucky as the rain stayed off for the whole time we walked. It was great to get to enjoy such wonderful scenery and the babies enjoyed the fresh air.



Today we decided that we would take the dogs a walk and so we decided to pop down the loch again as it has been a long time since the hubby had been there and I had enjoyed being there so much yesterday. This time it was a bit wetter but nothing too heavy and only really raining at the start of the walk. Despite this the Cosatto Giggle coped extremely well and the only ill effects was the mud that covered the pram at the end of the walk.

Molly enjoyed watching the dogs running about until she dropped off to sleep and the dogs just loved every moment of their walk. It was much wetter and muddier this time but that didn’t really effect us in any way.



Today we saw some deer running to the water, many swans and ducks, and no other humans. It was bliss. The dogs went for a swim and me and hubby just enjoyed stretching out legs a bit.

By the time we got back it was getting dark so I didn’t get many good pictures but what I have gained is the will power to go out walking more again.

Cue googling local (and not so local) forest walks that we can go to and enjoy the sights and get out into nature.


Where do you enjoy walking? How do you motivate yourself to go out each day?


Getting fit with the help of others

I am a regular user of Twitter using the handle @trainingmummy and i have found it to be a great resource for baby related queries and just general adult chatters. During a conversation on there I was motivated to get fit and lose weight. I have been aiming to do this anyway as you can read here and to do this I went out and bought a Fitbit Flex to help motivate me and get me moving and reintroduced myself to my endomondo account. As soon as I bought that I came down with a cold and so exercise went out the window. Now I am recovered I am determined to get fit and lose weight and now thanks to a couple of mums on there, including a fellow blogger (go visit her blog it is great!), we are going to lose pounds and get healthy. I have no excuse not to get out and about as I have two dogs who, although happy with 30 minute walks, would love longer walkies. It is also a great way to try and get my baby to sleep when she is fighting it. I tried this today and it worked. She slept… until we got home and in the door. Dash. Also the views you get when out the walk are amazing, plus the fresh air does us all good. Image I have been trying to use my sling more but at the moment Molly can’t stand it so we are still using our pram, the Mothercare Xpedior but it is not suited to the more off road walks we like to enjoy with the dogs. We do have a second hand Quinny Speedi but it weighs a ton so getting it out and in to the car is a nightmare so this puts me off using it more. Once out of the car the pram is great – we have to use with car seat until Molly is a bit older – and the ride it gives is so smooth. All the weight it has seems to vanish. IMG_0598 So let this post signal the start of my weight loss.

Getting back on track with exercise

I have used pregnancy an excuse to be a bit of a lazy slob.

I have found the aches and pains have encouraged me to sit about and do nothing, letting the husband walk the dogs and do a lot of the house work – if I do anything I get a sore back.

Now there is an end in sight for this pregnancy I am determined to get back on track with my exercise regime and lose the baby weight and just generally get healthier.

I use applications like Fitbit and Endomondo and so will be using them to track how active I am and hopefully this will get me moving more and more.

I look forward to having the baby and going out long walks with the pram and the dogs to enjoy walks such as this in Loch Muick

Loch Muick

Swimming with baby and hubby  is another thing that we can’t wait to enjoy and we plan to make it a weekly activity so we get into a regime.

I can’t wait to get back on my bike. I missed a beautiful summer last year from being pregnant and so will make the most of any good weather this year to get out and about.


I used to enjoy inline skating and so plan to dust off my boots and enjoy that as well.


Until then I will put my feet up and watch TV for a while.