Monkey and the Little One

A great story about friendship

In our household anything monkey related has become a point of huge joy for M since she adopted her toy monkey as her favourite comforter. We now find ourselves being drawn to anything monkey related so when I was offered a copy of Monkey and the Little One by Claire Alexander I just could not refuse!

IMG_4892Quite quickly this book has become one of M’s favourite bedtime books and she loves pointing at the pictures of the monkeys throughout the book.

The story itself revolves around Monkey who lives alone, enjoying the peace and quiet until Little one (a mouse) joins him and disturbs his quiet lifestyle by making himself at home alongside Monkey.

This intrusion, at first, doesn’t go down well with monkey who tries as hard as he can to move away from Little One.

At last he manages to evade Little One, who by now has worked out that he is not wanted by monkey, but is this what he really wants? It is not and soon monkey is out searching for Little One so they can  live together in harmony.

As I said before M loves to point at the monkey images throughout the book and this book is full of wonderful illustrations. I would buy posters of the characters for M’s wall if I could as they are so sweet.

At the moment this is just a story to M but as she grows older it will be a perfect way to discuss friendships and help her understand about getting on with others.

I was given a copy of this book for free for the purposes of this honest review. All thoughts are my own.




Play and learn colours (Priddy Books)

Fun ways to teach colours

Play and learn colours – Roger Priddy

Learning has to be fun for a child to pay attention and pick things up and one way M loves to learn is to spend time talking with a book. Play and learn colours is a great board book that allows her to do all the things she loves the most – talk, play and read.

The front cover really took M’s interest when we got this book as it features an indented circle in the middle of the page that provided her with 3D fun (the circle is cut out on each page within the book so indents inwards).


We have a few first 100 word books but I really don’t think you can have too many. This one is slightly different than the others that we have as this has some fun things to do on each page, from sliding tabs, to touch and feely parts,  or a wonderful colour wheel that spins!

Each page features a different colour with photographs and words to go with a number of different images within that colour – green broccoli, red rose, blue shoes etc.

M loves this book because it has things for her little hands to play with and she especially loves the colour wheel at the back which she spins round and round for ages!


She loves pointing at each image for me to tell her what they are and constantly moves from one page to another before going back to the beginning again.

I have had a few tears when I have put this book away so we can go out, or have tea, which I think goes to show how loved it is by M and I can see us using this book a lot over the years to help with her vocabulary and colour recognition.


One, two, baa, moo – Little Tiger Kids

Great first book of counting

one two baa mooOne, Two, Baa, Moo – Little Tiger Kids

Having books that help to educate Molly whilst still being fun is something that we love to have at the moment, especially if they have something that keeps M’s attention as well so when we were offered a copy of One, Two, Baa, Moo – A pop-up book of counting – we just couldn’t say no.

This is a 12 page book which has incredible pop up sections on each double page spread, featuring a different farm animal to count on each page. As well as having such great pop-up sections there is also a lovely and catchy poem that takes you through the counting of each animal on the page – so lovely that I find myself singing the story rather than just reading it.

As with all Little Tiger Kids books the book is illustrated well and used nice and bright illustrations that really keep M’s attention.

It is a great book that allows M and I to talk about things on each page, from the animals features, to what noise they make or what they like to eat.

M loves to open and close the pages so that the animals move, especially the Three chirpy chicks whose beaks open and close when she does this.

This is a great book to use when first introducing numbers but is equally as good a book if all you want is a lovely wee story to read at bed time.


We were sent this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are ours and ours alone.


Little Friends: Big Adventure

Lots of sounds to keep little ones interested

LF-Big-Adventure-CoverLittle Friends: Big Adventure – Priddy Books

Sometimes when I try and read a book to M she just doesn’t want to sit still to listen and needs something to keep her distracted. Little Friends: Big Adventure has a sound board to help with just that.

The story follows Little Puppy who is on his way to visit grandpa and we follow him on his adventure across town, finding out who he meets and what he sees.

Each page uses one of the ten sound buttons to add to the story – a bicycle bell, birds, an owl, etc, which really brings the story alive. You know it works when you see your little one with the biggest grin on her face, giggling each time a button is pressed!

As well as the story there is plenty of things to talk about on each page, from what activities you can see at the beach, or what other emergencies can a fire engine help with?


We were lucky enough to be sent these books for free but all opinion within this review is mine and mine alone!

Emergency Rescue!

Noisy siren fun!


Emergency Rescue – littletigerkids


I am not sure about you but I don’t know any toddler who is not fascinated by emergency vehicles and, more importantly, the noise of their sirens – I know I was as a kid.

Emergency Rescue is the perfect 14 page board book for any pre-school kid who is wanting to find out more about emergency vehicles (although the pictures used were more American than British).

The book focuses on the different functions of each of the vehicles – fire engines carry hoses, are driven by firefighters who wear special uniforms or that emergency helicopters can be used in a variety of emergencies and that the rotors spin constantly to keep it in the air.

There is so much you can talk about on each page beyond what is actually written, making kids, and adults, think about different scenarios and which emergency service might be needed in that emergency.

Of course one of the parts that children will love is the noise button that you can press on each page, sounding a siren (yes M has found this and will play with it constantly – especially on the car when the last thing you want to hear is a siren!).

Personally I would have preferred the emergency vehicles used to be British ones that are more recognisable to children in the UK, however this might work out as a good thing as a discussion about how emergency vehicles look different in other countries could produce a lot of material.

Emergency Rescue can be purchased from Little Tiger for £6.99.



I was sent this book for the purposes of this review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Weekend Book Club

Noisy Dinosaurs

A different noise on each page!

9781848691650-04-600x600Noisy Dinosaurs – littletigerkids

Noisy Dinosaurs, my first touch and feel sounds book, is a fantastic 12 page board book that allows toddlers to learn about dinosaurs through picture, texture, text and sound.

Each double page discusses one dinosaur, has a textured part to allow children to interact with the book and also a different sound for each of the six featured dinosaurs.

The great thing about the sound buttons is that it is not a plastic button that stands out from the page, rather the sound button is incorporated into the texture patches which also differ for each of the dinosaurs. I like this as it means the button does not detract from the book.

Not only can you discuss the dinosaurs there is also the chance to discuss colour as each dinosaur double page focuses on a colour.

Another feature that I loved about this book is that you can replace the battery to prolong the life of the book.

The sounds and textures add to the learning experience and means children can immerse themselves into the story, joining in and discovering things on each page.

This would be the perfect first book for any dinosaur fan.

Noisy Dinosaurs can be purchased from Little Tiger for £8.99.


I was sent this book for the purposes of this review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Weekend Book Club

First 100 animals

Great pictures, brilliant size


First 100 Animals- First words

At 16 months M has a huge fascination of all things animal related. She has, after all, two dogs, two guinea pigs and a cat as pets – so this book is just up her street when it comes to books I just knew she would love.

I was not disappointed by this book at all, yes it was smaller than I though but this is perfect for M to hold and look through.

It features photographs of 100 animals for M to learn which are organised into sections such as pets, birds, African animals.

It is a great book for getting a child to point to different animals, and in M’s case to find the dog to kiss, and really gets you talking with your child as you flick through the pages.

The book itself is very eye catching with cold and bright colours. Both myself and my hubby commented on how bright and welcoming was and M seems to agree as I often find her on a chair with this book making clip-clop noises or saying dog! Great to try and teach M that not every animal sounds like a horse!

What I ask you, because my neighbour asked me, is what noise does a giraffe make?