Growing up so fast but so well

How has she grown up so much already?

Watching your child grow up before your eyes is something that makes you feel so happy and yet so sad all at the same time.

Sad because your baby is no longer a baby anymore but massively happy because they are growing up so well and so happy and that is all a mum ever wants.

Just two weeks ago M decided that walking was going to be her main method of transport. She had ben walking before this but there was a turning point and suddenly there was no stopping her. Now she is so confident on her feet (though still struggles on bumpy ground like grass). She plays football, dribbling her ball around the house. She runs round shops (when they are quiet). She wants to walk everywhere. Her pram is not her best friend anymore. It is great to see her walking and growing in confidence with every step.


This week we also decided to see how she would get on with the sides removed from her cotbed. We had expected to be running up the stairs and putting her back to bed all night on the first day but it took just one return to bed and that was her for the night. A fluke we thought.  We tried again for another night and this time we did not have to go up and put her back to bed. This is strange as this is the little girl who loves to run around in her cot, talking to her wallpaper and stuffed toys before falling asleep two hours later. Taking away the cot bars seems to have made her bed into a bed rather than a play pen. I am so happy that she has taken the transition so well and hopefully these are not fluke nights. Now I am so excited about going out and buying her first real bed that she can help choose in a few months time when her cotbed is needed by another little human. 
Although we still have the high chair in the house, there is no point putting it away as we will beed it soon enough anyways so we may as well use it, M no longer needs to use it and is quite happy sitting on a normal seat and eating her dinner like the rest of us. She doesn’t mind being in her high chair so we will use it as long as she doesn’t mind being in it but she can be quite head strong so I can see her trying to put an end to this sooner rather than later.

I can not believe how quickly she is growing up but she is growing up to be such a happy and confident little girl and so I can not complain at all. Long may her development continue as well as it does.


Pretend play

Using her imagination to pretend play

M got a market stall for her  birthday from family members and I thought it would be a while until she worked out what to do with it but she instantly got the idea that the wooden vegetables that she sells in the stall are for eating.

Now she will give you a vegetable, take it back and then pretend to eat it with added sound effects for how delicious they are.  It is just so darn cute!


She will also pretend to drink from her tea cups and cake set, as well as eating the cakes! It was actually watching her pretend to drink from the cup from her tea set that made me think about giving her water in a beaker rather than her straw cup at meals times and it was an instant hit.

She loves to use our mobile phones to “talk” to daddy. This is something she has done for a while and also whenever a text comes in she always tells me it is daddy.

She is turning into a little toddler so quickly and this just makes me so excited about the future and what games we will end up playing and what pretend roles I will be roped into playing. It also makes excited about getting to buy dress up costumes so she can pretend to be that person or character.

She is developing into such a wonderful human being and I can just hope that baby two turns into half the person M is.

It makes me curious about how baby two will develop. With he/she roll, bum shuffle or crawl? Will he/she walk early or late, talk lots of little (could I cope with two loud little chatter boxes lol – of course I could), will they be smiley or serious? I can’t wait to see them develop their own individual character and learn about their likes and dislikes.